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10 common beginner mistakes when choosing a motorcycle helmet

Choosing a motorcycle helmet seems like a simple task, but when you have such a huge assortment in front of you, you start to get confused, especially when there is a contradiction between “like” and “right.”

Let’s analyze the typical mistakes when choosing a motorcycle helmet.

1.Do not take into account the purpose and nature of the ride

All motorcycle helmets are divided into types, each of which is good in its own way. Before choosing a helmet, you need to decide where and how you will use it? What is the main purpose of your motorcycle riding?

The desired characteristics of the motorcycle helmet depend on the answers. It often happens that a motorcyclist really likes one helmet, but he needs a completely different one. Still, the most important thing in a helmet is not design, but reliability, comfort and functionality.

2. Use one helmet for all occasions

It is not for nothing that helmets are divided into types. Even the most versatile helmet cannot be the best in any one discipline or equally good in summer and winter. If you ride all year round (not only in the city), then you may need another helmet.

Yes, there are universal models that perform well in the city and on travel, but you must admit that a specialized helmet will perform better. Therefore, if you are a very active motorcyclist, you may need another motorcycle helmet – for motorcycle racing, motocross, tourist – for roads where a simple city helmet is not enough.

3. Ignore upgrades

Many helmets have add-ons. When choosing a helmet, consider whether it is possible to install a pinlock, whether there are many options for visors or built-in glasses available for it, whether it is possible to install a headset, visor or spoiler.

If you are choosing between two equivalent models, see how many updates there can be for each of them, perhaps this will help you make the right choice.

4.Buy a helmet like a friend’s

A helmet is a personal protective equipment. Each motorcyclist chooses a helmet according to his anatomical features and preferences. A friend / girlfriend chose a helmet for himself, so you choose a helmet that is right for you.

When you try on another person’s helmet, you don’t think that the lining has changed the shape of the owner’s head during wearing, and when you order a new one, you are surprised how tight the helmet fits.

“How not to choose equipment?”

5.Order without measurements

The shape of the human head can be different – long oval, round or intermediate oval. Therefore, the size of the helmet with different head shapes will feel and fit differently. Helmet manufacturers always provide sizing charts so that the rider can select his size correctly and accurately.

It’s like buying shoes. You know your foot size, but you still check each time depending on the model. Why is everyone afraid to order shoes online?

– Well, I have to walk in it, suddenly it will rub or not to size, – someone will say.

And why is the helmet worse? He actually protects his head! It is foolish to choose a size without checking it against the table. Different brands may have discrepancies in the interpretation of the size due to the design and manufacture of the helmet.

6.Purchase a larger size

If, according to the size chart, two sizes can suit you (your measurements are on the very border between the sizes and are indicated by the manufacturer in 2 sizes), then choose the smaller one. The helmet should fit as tightly as possible. During wear, the lining will fit slightly and will fully conform to the shape of your head.

7. Buy unknown brands

Lesser-known brands are often considered for their budget. A cheap helmet from an unknown manufacturer – a game of roulette. Yes, it will cost modestly, but it will also have one DOT certification in the best case. Remember that the safety requirements of the country in which the helmet is worn must be in order to use the helmet.

If there are no reviews for a little-known brand at all, then you should refuse to purchase.

8.Buying a cheap or used helmet for the passenger

The passenger has the right to protection, just like the motorcyclist! There are problems with passengers in general. Give them the equipment, put them on a motorcycle so that they don’t fall off …

The conflict of interest here is simple. If you decide to spontaneously let someone down, then you need to give the passenger protection. But you will not carry with you the assortment of the whole store in order to pick up at least a helmet and gloves in size for a random person? Therefore, motorcyclists usually carry a “duty” helmet with them. The most experienced ones have an approximate idea of ​​the average size of the passenger’s head and choose the most common one. For example, if a guy likes to skate girls, then he is unlikely to carry a 3XL helmet with him. Although tastes differ!

In order not to spend extra money, they often take their outdated helmet or a used one from someone else. But. The passenger also runs the risk of getting dangerous injuries, so his helmet must be safe and comfortable.

It is good for those who are regular passengers – motorcycle pairs, parents and children. Then the equipment is bought by the passenger himself, with the expectation that he often needs to travel with the second number. You won’t take an incomprehensible used helmet for your child, will you?

9. Useless add-ons

Not that it was a mistake when choosing … But I consider it necessary to pay attention. Some motorcyclists have a fashion for all sorts of “tails”, “horns”, “ears”, “mohawks” and other pribluda, which do not carry any practical meaning, except for the shocking appearance and relative recognition of the pilot on the road.

The fact is that when such modifications appear on a motorcycle helmet, the engineer who developed the aerodynamics of your helmet cries somewhere. And in the next corner, another engineer is crying, who will say that if the “horns” are attached by mounting into the helmet body, then you thereby violate its integrity. Consequently, a helmet with a broken shell shell is more likely to crack when hit hard. Such a story.

Once you’ve found the ability to attach without damaging your helmet, the aerodynamics engineer won’t cry less. All of these protruding parts will affect the air resistance during acceleration. In the event of a fall, such “beauty” will most likely be recaptured. It is good if the “tail” or “horns” will not catch on anything, scraping sparks on the asphalt.

This is not a stone in the garden of motorcyclists who use such decorations. I don’t want to offend anyone. Helmet decoration is a personal matter. There are simply more logical and less traumatic ways to do it – a color visor, a spoiler, airbrushing in case of emergency.

10. Buy off

When the cost of a helmet comes to the fore in choosing a motorcycle helmet, do not forget that you are paying for real equipment that is responsible for the safety of your life. The price of a motorcycle helmet depends on the quality of materials, the number of options and the aerodynamic features of the model. You can take not the most expensive but high quality motorcycle helmet.

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