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2019 Bajaj Sales Decline

Bajaj Auto reported an overall decline in sales in 2019 due to a drawdown in the local Indian market. Total sales for the past year were 3.6 million units, down 0.2 million from the previous 2018. At the same time, growth in several markets, including the CIS and Eastern Europe, as well as an increase in share in Latin America, helped to reduce losses in negative market environment.

Worldwide sales

Bajaj Auto is the most active Indian motorcycle manufacturer in the world, despite being smaller than Hero, for example. Sales of Bajaj motorcycles have exploded over the past decade thanks to both the growth of the local Indian market and success in the international market. In India, Bajaj grew from 1.3 million sales in 2012 to a record 2.8 million in 2018. However, the drawdown in the Indian market led to a decline in global sales in 2019 – 3.6 million from 3.8 million in 2018. The drop in sales in the Indian market is also noted by the Royal Endfield company, see details (perhaps the Indian market is saturated and we are expecting similar news from other manufacturers).

Two-thirds of the decline in sales occurred in the Indian market at 2.5 million, 12% less than the previous result. In Latin America, Bajaj leads sales in several countries, and despite a similar market drawdown, the Indian manufacturer has managed to maintain sales here, thereby increasing its market share.

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