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2020 Aprilia RS660 – the sportbike that motorcycle racers have been looking forward to

A motorcycle that is very much awaited and for which a stellar future is predicted from the moment of its presentation. There is not as much information about him as we would like, but we have collected enough details to appreciate the upcoming new product.

The public got the chance to see the 2020 Aprilia RS660 at the popular 2019 EICMA show. Although talk about him has not subsided since 2018.

It’s all about the idea

Any concept should be based on the main idea. The Italians wanted to create something for young and promising motorcycle riders. Aprilia brings together motorcycle racing expertise, design ideas and cutting edge technology in this motorcycle. The manufacturer is praised for turning his attention to the medium-sized model.

The formula for success

For a sportbike to be successful, it must be in the middle between power and weight, with excellent aerodynamics and handling. It is these parameters that distinguish the novelty. At its core is a parallel twin-cylinder engine with a 270-degree crankshaft. The progenitor of this motor is the RSV4 1100.

It produces 100 horsepower and is mated to a six-speed Aprilia Quick Shift (AQS) gearbox.

Eyewitnesses note the special sound of the engine.

The motor is used as a supporting fulcrum for the aluminum frame. The motorcycle has a 41mm Kayaba telescopic fork. The aluminum swingarm has a direct, direct attachment, which facilitates the construction. We see a monoshock.

The exhaust system consists of a single tailpipe with an asymmetrical twin outlet located under the engine, which helps centralize the mass and has a positive effect on handling.

The brake system is from Brembo, which consists of two 320 mm steel brake discs, two radial calipers and a radial cylinder.

In general, such innovations give the motorcycle a dry weight of some 169 kilograms!

And this is where the ratio of weight to a sports engine raises this model to the top among sports bikes, on which you can ride in the city and not be ashamed to show up on the track.

The Aprilia RS660 has sharp handling, and it looks like it will be a very responsive bike. The manufacturer promises a decent level of handling on twisty roads.

A few words about landing

If you pay attention to the steering wheel, you can see that this is not a one-piece steering wheel, but at the same time it is located slightly higher than simple clip-ons. Aprilia believes this design allows the driver to feel more confident and comfortable.

“Clip-ons on a motorcycle, when are they needed?”

The aggressive, sporty seating position is accentuated by the seat triangle and the tilt to the front wheel. Typical sportbike geometry is a cocked tail and slope.

Note that the seat for the passenger is the most insignificant! And who buys a sports bike to ride passengers? But if you really want to take a “deuce”, then Aprilia has provided a double seat. Running boards are also supplied with it. If you are still in favor of the “egoist” version, then instead of a double seat, a special fairing is installed, which is designed to improve aerodynamics.

Smart motorcycle electrical package

The RS660 has an extensive power package that includes wheel steering, cruise control, five road driving modes and two track modes. It has a TFT digital dashboard with ApriliaMIA. It is the company’s own infotainment system and is capable of responding to voice commands, call control and navigation. There is an angle type ABS. It is convenient when you can use a quickshifter on a sports bike! In general, the feature set is more than impressive, especially assuming a lot of goodies are in stock!

The bike has LED optics with DRL function, which will make it easier to ride during the day.

Distinctive feature

The novelty has one more important distinctive feature. Searching and experimenting with shapes led Aprilia engineers to the twin fairing. The point is that the oncoming air flow enters between the outer and inner walls, thus the engine heat is removed – the motorcyclist will not be hot. In part, this protects the motor from overheating. The company believes that by this point alone, they not only improve aerodynamics, but additionally increase downforce. There is sound logic in the reasoning. Therefore, the 2020 Aprilia RS660 is considered a fresh take on the sportbike and is admired in absentia.

Moreover, there are persistent rumors that a naked bike will be created on the basis of this motorcycle.

The model is promised in several colors, but it is already known that the combination of purple and red is a nod to the RS 250 in its 1994 version of the Reggiani replica.

Only the price remains in question. It is clear that the motorcycle will be worth its entire level of filling, but no one knows the final figure yet. Approximate amounts are indicated in a radius of 10 to 15 thousand dollars.

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