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A few secrets on how to cheer up an old motorcycle for the new season

There is nothing left until spring. The time before the opening of the motorcycle season will fly by with lightning speed. Sometimes the soul asks to change to a younger motorcycle, but for some reason finances sing romances, and in no way sponsor the purchase of a new bike. There are a few key points that will help you resurrect a bike that has seen every bike. Naturally, you need to understand that you still cannot do without costs, and not any motorcycle with 20-30 years of mileage can be brought into the form of “candy”. But we will try.

Obsolete parts and consumables

The first thing that is required is logical – replacement of obsolete and “dying” blocks. Inspect the motorcycle, if you notice the fatigue of the oil seals, bearings, too much backlash, where they should not be … You will have to sit in the garage or take the “old man” to the master. These costs will be clearly less than buying a new motorcycle, but you will still have a season in the saddle and the opportunity to save money over the coming year for the next youthful motorcycle.

Even a simple steering column bearing will noticeably improve the handling and ride feel, if it was previously worn out and crunched around corners.


After replacing weak points that could spoil your blood in the height of summer, pay attention to the setting. Check if everything is working as expected. Although the compression should be measured both before starting work with the motorcycle, and after. If the compression level hints that the motor is no longer a tenant, then it may not make sense to invigorate it at all, or it will take more effort to fix the problem. I personally know examples when bikers loved their motorcycle so much that they completely overhauled the engine, just to resurrect the “horse” from the dead.

According to the settings, it is not a sin to look at the state of the electrics, assess the chain tension and its condition, measure the tire pressure, adjust the suspension. In general, from this side, the standard set of pre-season preparation measures.

Gift to the motorcycle and yourself

Why can a motorcycle look shabby even if its engine is alive?

– Poor plastic condition, scratches and chips;
– A wounded seat that catches the eye;
– Worn bald rubber.

The new rubber will delight you in any case, because it is more pleasant and safer to ride on it than on a bald and old one. At the same time, with fresh rubber, a motorcycle, even an old one, is perceived as a “wow zip”, set to fight.

The old seat can either be hemmed, or pulled, or replaced. Any of these options will already indicate that they are trying to engage in a motorcycle, and do not give up to die in old age without a glass of gasoline.

It’s more difficult with plastic. If you know how to paint and refurbish yourself, fine. Repainting a broken tank is a matter of the scale of the disaster, sometimes it is such dents that it is better to look for a new one. If you want to update the color as a whole, you will have to give it for painting. Easiest with scratches and chips. You don’t need to be a painter from birth to do this. It is enough to clean the area around the scratch, process it in accordance with the surface material – plastic or metal – and buy a marker with paint, which allows you to spot small kotski.

Another trifle is to replace the grips on the steering wheel. Replacing the handlebars on the steering wheel is a simple procedure, but how nice it is when you are driving and you have brand new fresh grips: they are not stuck in the ground yet, not scratched on other people’s cars, not kissed on the asphalt … They are always in sight and in direct contact with hands, so why not put new ones? By the way, you can also replace the levers if they also do not look so hot.

And don’t forget about the pipes!

Old motorcycles often have exhaust pipes that look their age. Burnout spots appear in the “knee” at the engine outlet. Pipes can be, if not changed, then subjected to careful processing. We talked about this in the article about the repair of the exhaust pipe:

And without a “collective farm”

It is customary to call “collective farm” home-made modifications of motorcycles, which run counter to the factory systems and spoil, at least, the appearance. Experienced people at the sight of “self-made” modifications understand that the bike is really old and perhaps technically everything is much worse with it. Moreover, hands were pressed to him from the wrong side.

A well-groomed old motorcycle is easier to sell

The labor of resurrecting an elderly motorcycle will pay off later if the work is done well. To be honest, new motorcycles are not affordable for everyone, so the aftermarket continues to live. The “old man” who was engaged will go under the hammer faster than sneezing, smoking, and with bald rubber.

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