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A raincoat, why is it so good?

In rainy weather, a raincoat is very useful for a motorcyclist, no, not a simple film, and not even a garden raincoat with buttons. A true moto raincoat is a thoughtful additional protective element. It is worn over the main gear, while it has reliable taped seams, protection of pockets from moisture, strong zipper and a good membrane lining that breathes but keeps you warm.

The hood in some models is retracted, gathering around the neck. Most raincoats are fitted with reflective inserts. Reliable protection from rain and wind, stylish Icon design, adjustable straps, make your trip a success.

What are the types of raincoats?

According to their structure, raincoats are:

  • Separate
  • One-piece jumpsuits
  • Semi-overalls
  • Raincoat – jacket
  • Raincoat – pants

Motor-shoe covers and rain gloves stand out separately as protection against rain.

Among the materials for raincoats are mainly found:

  • Membrane fabric
  • Waterproof PVC

For reasons of practicality, raincoats are available as one-piece or split. A rain jacket or rain pants are the personal choice of the pilot. Sometimes you just have only a part of your raincoat worn out, for example, you tore the motorcycle pants from the split raincoat set, so you buy only rain pants.

There is another scenario for the development of events. When you know that some of your equipment has sufficient protection against moisture, for example, you have good motorcycle pants, you ride in the summer and wear a turtle under your jersey, so you only take a rain jacket with you.

It is possible to combine such protection from rain and wind, but most motorcyclists stop at ready-made sets of raincoats, since they have already been worked out to complement each other, not only in design, but also in the quality of material, sewing and belts.

What are the advantages of a raincoat over simple clothing?

  • Full area water-repellent surface
  • Taped waterproof zippers
  • A large number of adjustments
  • Increased wind protection, longer cut and high collar
  • Bright colors or reflective stripes

The bright color of the raincoat and the obligatory reflective stripes are not at all a whim of the manufacturers. It’s just that when driving in the rain, visibility is greatly impaired, and the color paint makes you noticeable, which is important, given that motorcyclists are generally poorly seen on the roads, even on a clear fine day.

When else do you need a raincoat?

The raincoat can be used not only in the rain, it helps out great when traveling off-road. If a fun route through water obstacles awaits you, then a raincoat will ease your lot and protect your main clothing from splashes. Even if you are not ready to buy a whole set, it is enough to take rain pants to get out of the water when crossing a water hazard!

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