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A selection of modern motorcycles for tall riders

Whether you like it or not, height matters. Even when the suspension is fully adjusted, some models are more comfortable for tall people, while others are better suited to drivers of average height. Even the width of the seat matters, because tall owners are not as comfortable on a narrow bike as on wide ones. The location of the footpegs and the geometry of the seating position are all important for the rider to enjoy the ride and not suffer from knee or back pain.

The first thing that comes to mind: “a big ship – a great voyage.” From large motorcycles to tall people, you can safely consider offers among tourist models. Dual-use motorcycles are always higher, because they have to overcome not only shallow pits on the asphalt. We will assume that all models from our previous selection are squeezed into the first line: “Top 5 motorcycles for tourism with an engine capacity of more than a liter.”

However, it is a grave mistake to recommend motorcycles with a large engine displacement to a beginner just because it is high. Growth does not in any way affect the development of skills, experience on the road and knowledge of traffic rules. Therefore, if the driver’s driving skill is still not up to the liter Honda Africa Twin Adventure, Ducati Multistrada Enduro, KTM Super Adventure and other tall “guys”, then there is a reason to look at their younger brothers with a smaller engine displacement.

If new models bite your pocket hard, then there are predecessors close to them in the secondary market. Let’s say Yamaha TDM or XTZ750 have been known to users for a long time. Or Suzuki V-Strom 650 – slightly more modest than its older brother, but just as tall and manageable. The BMW GS 310 or 650 is also an option.

It’s not a shame to be a tall driver on a small bike if it suits you.

Don’t grab onto overly powerful bikes simply because they are wider or longer than the base. For the tall urban biker, cruisers are the way to go. You can stretch your legs on them, the angle of the knee is not so sharp as to touch the steering wheel … No kidding, tall people are really more comfortable on long motorcycles. Your seating position does not extend vertically, but horizontally.

Kawasaki Vulcan S 650

You can play with the positions of the handlebars, the position of the footpegs, or sit further down on the seat to change the position of the bike to suit you. It is these simple truths that the 2020 Kawasaki Vulcan S 650 has adopted.

I personally treat Kawasaki Vulcan with some distrust, but only because of communication with much more ancient variations of it. As the saying goes: “The imprint remains.” But as for the new Kawasaki Vulcan S 650 – it captivates by the fact that Kawasaki has introduced the Ergo Fit interface system into it.

The interface allows you to fully customize the fit for any driver’s physique! Literally everything that can somehow affect the position of the human body is regulated here. Whether you are tall or, on the contrary, short – it doesn’t matter! A total of 18 configurations with all possible combinations! Eighteen positions for any height! If with so many adjustments you can’t fit the bike, what planet are you from?

At the same time, it should be noted that the engine capacity of 650 is quite good for the city. The S version implies that the motorcycle has gunpowder hidden in the powder flasks. Plus, he looks pretty brutal to make “Uncle Styopa” feel confident.


Here, as in the first case, I want to fit not even a list of models, but entire families. Still, the scatter in engine displacement haunts. You need to offer something to people of different experiences. Street bikes, with their sporty, aggressive stance, can surprise tall riders.

For example, the KTM Duke or the Kawasaki Z are large families with both babies and monsters. Another question is that everything must be measured and adjusted. For some users, 1.75m will be okay, while for others, 1.95m may be a little cramped. Everything is relative. In any case, there are plenty of tall naked motorcyclists to look at these models.

Triumph TRIDENT 660 2020

An interesting option for the city. In case you want something agile and nimble. The volume of the three-cylinder engine is 660 cm3. He gives out 81 horses. The volume of the tank is 17.4 liters. The landing is closer to a sporty one. The height of the bike on the seat is 805 mm, almost like that of some “tourists”. The most interesting thing is that the dry weight of the motorcycle is some 166 kilograms!

Ducati XDiavel

Let’s go back to powerful motorcycles. A long and low cruiser that suits tall people. The forward-facing footrests and seat behind the engine provide a comfortable seating position.

According to Ducati, there are as many as 147 ergonomic configurations available to the driver! 147, not 18! Definitely a claim for success! There are seven footrest positions, seven seat positions and three steering positions. One thing: pay attention to what is the main offer and what is for the additional money. For example, in stock XDiavel means a regular seat. At the same time, the manufacturer says that there are 6 more alternative options as additional accessories.

Inside the motorcycle is the Ducati Testastretta DVT 1262 engine, with a maximum power of 152 hp. at 9,500 rpm. This I mean that even a tall driver needs to grow up to him in driving skills. For a novice driver, the Ducati XDiavel is too cool.

Harley-Davidson BREAKOUT® 114

Yes, big, angry and long again. Another motorcycle for experienced owners. In general, Harley-Davidson has a lot to roam, they have many motorcycles with a long wheelbase, which means you can sit down imposingly. In this case, we see a chopper with an 1868 cc engine. The fact that this “guy” is vomiting is suggested by a thick 240mm rear cylinder. A powerful engine becomes a source of rolling exhaust and the desire to twist the trigger.

The straight, slightly concave steering wheel, combined with the remote seat behind the engine, allows the driver to stretch out to their full height.

In this model, only two things upset me – a 13.2-liter tank (although this is not scary for the city) and the cost of two and a half million rubles.


While shorter riders are often forced to use motorcycles with baby displacements, taller people find themselves in the opposite situation. For beginners, it can be difficult to find a bike that matches their experience, as there are many overpowering and expensive models among the large bikes. I am glad that the modern motorcycle market still offers a choice with the ability to adjust the fit for yourself.

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