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About the new Norton factory

New owner of Norton Motorcycles, Indian industrial giant TVS, clearly demonstrates its seriousness with the British brand. Having gone through a series of financial scandals and bankruptcy, Norton, which has become a member of a large Indian family, is restoring production volumes and even opening pre-orders for future motorcycles. And on the eve of the presentation of new models, TVS organized the company’s relocation to a new, freshly built facility in Solihull, which is in the West Midlands near Birmingham.

The factory, which currently covers an area of ​​almost 7,000 square meters, can be expanded as needed. At the moment, the production facility houses a facility capable of producing about 8,000 motorcycles per year. According to Norton CEO John Russell, the new factory is significantly better than the old one in the village of Donington Castle.

The environment in which they had to work was terrifying: imagine a country mansion in the middle of a garden and turned into a motorcycle factory, Russell admitted. -So we had to move, and in the light of COVID, it became an urgent need, since the old building did not meet sanitary standards.

In addition to significantly improved working conditions, the new factory is located not so far from the old one – about 50 kilometers, which is quite acceptable for most of the former employees of the company. However, her staff was recently expanded:

We are now more than 110 people, and we have opportunities that were not there before. TVS has ambitious plans for Norton, Russell continues. -They want to bring this brand to the level that it has always been worthy, and there is only one way to do it – through investments.

The new facility opened in March 2021, and Norton’s main focus is on bringing the new Commando 961 to market as quickly as possible. Of course, Norton will be able to expand the capacity of the enterprise in the future, but their main goal is to regain respect and trust.

TVS has been working in Britain for a long time. They’ve been working with the University of Warwick for years, which is half an hour from here, ”Russell said. “And they quite rightly regard the West Midlands as the home of many businesses associated with the motorcycle industry. Someday we will need a bigger headquarters, but the first task has long been a new factory – permanently and reliably, so that we can strengthen our brand, develop production facilities and get Norton back on track.

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