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About the strategic alliance from KYMCO

Did you miss the news from KYMCO? For a long time nothing interesting was heard from them, but recently everything has changed.

Strategic alliance from KYMCO

At the end of May, KYMCO announced the creation of a strategic alliance Ionex EV League (i.e. Ionex electric transport league). It includes Super SOCO and FELO Technology to leverage the Ionex open electric vehicle platform and jointly create electric vehicles (as well as develop smart communication technologies). In the process of joint work, the companies plan to exchange best practices.

KYMCO Chairman Allen Co said:

I am delighted to announce the creation of the Ionex League today. By joining KYMCO founding members such as Super SOCO and FELO Technology and creating a strategic alliance, we gain a wider variety of talents and experience to work on innovating new products, technologies and services that will ultimately be valuable not only to the alliance members, but also end users around the world. This is a strategic alliance with a very significant goal.

Backing up words with deeds

Alliance members brought their electric vehicles to the Beijing Auto Show, backing up their words with deeds.

Scooter F9

The F9 scooter, developed jointly by KYMCO and FELO Technology, has an electric motor with a peak power of 9.6kW (13hp), producing 270Nm of thrust from the rear wheel. The F9 has a claimed curb weight of 113kg, and features cast 14-inch wheels with disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear.

Scooter I-SK

And the I-SK scooter, developed by KYMCO in collaboration with Super SOCO, has a 350-watt motor that produces 48Nm of traction from the wheel. It weighs 54.5kg and rides on 16-inch cast wheels with disc brakes in both circuits. No price or delivery time has yet been announced, but most likely it won’t take long.

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