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About us

I’ve been a motorcyclist all of my life.  Constantly building, riding, racing, and generally having a lot of fun.

While working as a professional race mechanic & engineer, my wife was home working on a website.  Looked kind of interesting, and since I was kind of into computers, I wondered if I could build one, but what to build? 

At that moment, I knew the purpose.  Went home, and launched four weeks later.  Knew somebody else out there must have the same problems I did finding dirt track stuff reasonably priced.  Didn’t even care if it made any money, it was done as a service to fellow racers (and a bit of a gouge to the onse that tried to screw us over).

It went off!  Any profit made was rolled back into expanding.
Within 3 months, I burned out my little website, and expanded.  9 moths after that, expanded again.  Now, it’s on its own colocated server, and this is the 6th version of the site.  It’s also a full time job, I’m a Superthins distributor, way more products, and I keep changing and expanding them.

When people ask, I tell them, “I quit my low paying dead end job, and created my own low paying dead end job….” .
Beats real work, nobody tells me what to do, and I get to talk to a lot of interesting people.  The concept I started with, though, remains the same.  Decent parts at fair prices.  Pretty simple…..