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All the essentials for autumn motorcycle riding

Already starting in August, motorcyclists mentally prepare for the coming period of rains, mud and cold snaps. In September, the classic system of five steps of acceptance of reality begins:

Denial – no, summer is not over!
Anger – how is that ?! I mean, it’s already the middle of September ?!
Bargaining – if I buy warmer gear and get a raincoat …
Depression – what will I do in the offseason?
Acceptance – come on your own raincoat!

We decided to collect all the most important and relevant for autumn motorcycle riding in one article.

Weather discount

In the fall, the biggest problem is the weather. Frequent rains and fogs can ruin not only the mood, but also cause an accident. We all remember this, but nevertheless – never say “never”. We know to drive with extreme caution in rain or fog, but sometimes it seems that experience allows you to go a little faster, although the tires have not yet had time to warm up enough.


It is logical that temperature changes make you think more often about warming thermal underwear and long gloves. Usually, these are the first changes in the daily wardrobe of a motorcyclist in the fall, not counting the return of warm lining to the jacket, which many unfasten for the summer due to the heat.

Further from the closet such family and friends get out a raincoat and, possibly, a semi-overalls / overalls on the occasion of wet weather. Wealthy motorcyclists or seasoned hikers have shoe covers and even rain gloves in stock!

By the way, in the fall, reflective vests become especially relevant, and all because of bad weather. Even if you didn’t manage to take your raincoat with you, the vest is definitely +5 to your visibility in case of bad weather.

In spring and autumn, the peak of the use of leather equipment. Loved by many leather jackets are back in business. Fleece and windstopper options are returning among textile models. Comforters from simple and light ones gradually change to warmer ones with a cold snap.

In any case, progress does not stand still, so manufacturers have enough equipment options for high humidity, just come to the store and choose something to your liking.

“Outfit in case of rain”

You also need to protect your motorcycle from rain. If in the summer it was too lazy to cover the bike, because the sun is shining and “what will it be”, now, in order not to sit on a wet seat, it is better to cover it with a cover.

Cleaning and changing equipment

In the fall, the analysis of the equipment that has survived begins, and the decision of the fate of the already unnecessary elements of protection. Something is put up for sale, something is thrown away (do not throw it away, but bring it to Partner-Moto!), Some of the equipment may require repair, and some things have to be cleaned more often due to rain and dirt on the streets.

In addition, in the fall, a plan for the purchase of replacement equipment is formed. For example, summer models have been sorted out, some have been removed to the closet, and some have become obsolete. The motorcyclist calmly changes into an autumn kit and means that by the next season he needs to look for something new. It’s another matter if the autumn kit is out of order, and it’s cold and wet to drive in the summer.

Wintering place and renovation

The right motorcyclists prepare the sleds in the summer. Autumn will flash faster than summer, so for the autumn period motorcycle owners are planning winter work on the bike, looking for options for winter storage.

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