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Alpinestars lost its founder

Skilled tanner, entrepreneur and founder of Alpinestars, Sante Mazzarolo, after a long illness, passed away at his home in Masera, Italy on May 1, 2020. He left at the age of 91 and left behind a company known not only in motorcycle circles, but in almost every field related to motorsport.

Sante Mazzarolo

Mazzarolo founded the company in 1963. He was a skilled tanner and used his impeccable craftsmanship to craft special shoes for the fast growing European motocross and enduro scenes. The company was named after the English name for the pretty white flowers found throughout the Alps – we know them as edelweiss.

Keeping his finger on the pulse of off-road riders’ expectations, Mazzarolo led the company to success. Everyone in off-road racing wanted his boots. In the early 70s, motocross legend Roger de Coster brought the Alpinestars their first prize in the world motocross championship. He continued a fruitful friendship with the Alpinestars, and won four more championships in their shoes.

The skill and ever-growing experience in this niche prompted Mazzarolo to take up a new business for him – making shoes for asphalt racing. Kenny Roberts won the 1978 MotoGP World Championship wearing Alpinestars shoes. The company grew, and so did the range of protective gear for motorcycle riders and other motorcyclists. Today the company manufactures equipment for a wide variety of motor sports – from MotoGP to Formula One.

Those who have fallen in Alpinestars equipment know that these are very high quality products. Countless riders are forever indebted to Santa Mazzarolo, whether they know it or not. Protection for riders is important, but Alpinestars’ gear has protected and protected a wide variety of people, so Mazzarolo’s legacy goes much further.

Santa is survived by his wife Dolly and three children: Gabriele, President and CEO of Alpinestars, Lucia and Gloria.

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