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Anti-theft cables, chains and shackles, what to choose?

Here you are standing near a shop window, looking at a fan of various protective anti-theft devices and do not know what to choose. Let’s weigh the pros and cons, what else is there to do?

Chains with a lock

Mobile simple option. Ideally, if you choose the chain, so that it has a waterproof cover. You don’t want a rusty-looking chain at the end of the season, do you?

The advantages to their use include simplicity of design and operation. The only thing is, try to chain the motorcycle to more weighty parts, such as a fork, swingarm, maybe even a frame. Fastening a motorcycle to a wheel is equivalent to finding only a chain with a wheel in place. Usually, the chain scares away only ordinary laymen who do not have the equipment to bite through the link.

Locked cables

A cable with a lock is considered a little more reliable than a chain. Although some might argue. On my own I will add that the question is in the diameter of both the chain and the cable. It has no links, and the twisted structure is one-piece, sometimes too tough for cunning wire cutters, although, for example, you cannot argue with the same hydraulics. But still there is a difference, bite one link or suffer with a twisted cord? Otherwise, the pros and cons are the same as the tips for use.

Such mobile structures are good when you have something to fasten the motorcycle to, but it does not completely lose its mobility, it is enough to bite off the chain / cable or unscrew the part to which it is attached and the motorcycle can be taken away on its own.

Block or bracket

The structure, which tightly fixes the wheel, is most often attached to the brake disc and restricts all movement of the wheel. Differs in sufficient reliability and protection from external damage. It is better to fix it in the lower part, where the suspension mount does not interfere with the girth. In this case, even if the thief was able to start the motorcycle, then he will hardly be able to drive it on his own.

A clear drawback is that with a shoe / bracket, a motorcycle can simply be thrown into the back of any van and taken away just like that, if you have not fastened it to something.

U clip or carabiner

The design is designed in such a way that the mount can cover the motorcycle part like the edge of a fork or swingarm and fix it with a part of a wheel, spokes or a brake disc. A good and interesting tool.

Of course, you can have a bite to eat too, and nothing will prevent you from throwing a motorcycle into the van except for a great miracle. But it will still protect you from simple and inexperienced thieves.

So what should you choose?

In my opinion, the most successful way is to be able to chain the motorcycle to something and additionally fix the wheel. For example, a block on the front wheel, and a chain or cable through the entire swingarm to the post. While the thieves will tinker with one, then torment with another, the clock is ticking. Maybe someone will scare off the criminal. Although, professionals have long been ready for all the ways to pick up a motorcycle they like. In any case, mechanical means of protection, that chains and cables, that clips, pads and carabiners, all this is the primary protection that will save the motorcycle from the encroachments of simple thieves or pranksters and hooligans.

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