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Apple CarPlay in Indian

Apple CarPlay in Indian

Good news for owners of select Indian Motorcycles! However, so far only for those of them who use the iPhone. The oldest American motorcycle brand has recently been striving not only to keep up with modern trends, but also to be on the crest of the wave. And recently, the American manufacturer has implemented Apple CarPlay compatibility for some of its motorcycles.

Chieftain, Roadmaster and Challenger

Owners of 2020 models such as the Chieftain, Roadmaster and Challenger equipped with a 7-inch Ride Command dashboard will get Apple CarPlay compatibility. The July update of the onboard system firmware, released on July 29, includes, in addition to fixing a number of errors, integration with this service.

Now by connecting an iPhone with CarPlay installed to the motorcycle’s USB socket, the owner can talk to Siri, send messages, access Appe Music and Maps through the associated headset, which Indian emphasizes is not included and must be purchased separately. The firmware update of the on-board computer can be done independently using a conventional flash drive. Everything you need can be downloaded for free from the office site.

This update applies to models purchased anywhere in the world. Anyone with an iPhone and a suitable 2020 Indian will be able to install it and access Apple CarPlay – no matter where they live or drive.

If there are difficulties with the installation of the update (or the owner fears that they will arise), the update can be installed at any dealership. By the way, localized versions of the Ride Command and Apple CarPlay integration pages are available via link – however, the Russian version is not there😢

It is unclear whether Indian motorcycles will also feature Android Auto integration for riders using Android smartphones. However, judging by the fact that Honda and Harley Davidson have already implemented support for both operating systems in some new models, it seems logical that Indian will not be long in coming.

It is curious that this functionality did not just appear in new models: it was implemented for already released and sold motorcycles. Nowadays, such an approach is the best way to express concern for consumers, because unfortunately, until now, many manufacturers in firmware updates are in no hurry to implement new functionality, limiting themselves only to bug fixes and encouraging the consumer to buy new products, sometimes differing only in firmware.

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