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Arcimoto acquires Tilting Motor Works

The electrification of transport has given rise to some pretty funny models – from futuristic electric motorcycles to two-wheeled cars with an enclosed cockpit, in which it is obvious that designers are trying to find the edge of the transport of the future.

Arcimoto Inc

One of the companies that produces unusual electric vehicles is Arcimoto, Inc., known for its electric FUV (Fun Utility Vehicle) with two seats located one after the other, a motorcycle handlebar, a cab and a three-wheel arrangement with two wheels in front and one drive in the rear.

Arcimoto FUV is much more like a car than a motorcycle, because the FUV enters the turns without bending over and experiences the action of centrifugal force with roll and all the resulting inconveniences. But that may soon change as Arcimoto is poised to acquire three-wheeled vehicle company Tilting Motor Works. According to our records, Arcimoto has reached an agreement to acquire TMW assets for approximately US $ 10 million and a stake in Arcimoto. The deal is expected to close in the first quarter of this year, and Arcimoto will be able to integrate Tilting Motor Works’ expertise into its future products.

Tilting Motor Works

Tilting Motor Works are renowned for their TRiO, the most popular touring bike conversion kit for the recline tricycle. This layout combines the best of both worlds – a comfortable and stable ride with the handling of a conventional motorcycle. A motorcycle equipped with TRiO handles like a regular two-wheeler – tilts, obeys counter-steering, but allows you not to put your feet on the ground at stops or in traffic, and has excellent traction on the front axle.

Arcimoto acquires Tilting Motor Works

Bob Migell, Founder and CEO of Tilting Motor Works, shared his joy at the deal:

We will continue to create our TRiO kits to make motorcycles safer and will happily participate in the development of new Arcimoto products that will be better and more resilient thanks to our technology.

Yes, we think that in the future there will be a place for an inclined electric ride with a cabin!

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