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Automatic penalties for loud exhaust, music and horn

UK tests sound level cameras.

The UK Department of Transport is testing new methods of introducing noise restrictions: road cameras that can measure noise levels and automatically issue fines for vehicles that are too loud.

Acoustic chambers

Devices named “acoustic chambers”use microphones and license plate scanners to identify and identify intruders. They are also capable of recognizing the class and speed of vehicles in the surveillance area. Supporters of the initiative believe that this technology will eliminate any subjectivity in assessing the loudness of the exhaust. In addition, automatic systems such as this are capable of monitoring noise levels without involving people who are already lacking in the British police.

Prototypes of the new cameras will be deployed in several locations for a 7-month trial period. “If the tests are successful, we will give recommendations for further refinement of the systems.”, – said on the website of the Ministry of Transport.

Noise pollution complicates people’s lives and causes serious health problems– says UK Transport Secretary Chris Grayling. -That’s why I am determined to combat the misbehavior of drivers that worsen the situation on our streets. New technology will help us make our cities quieter, and I look forward to seeing these exciting new cameras come into service.

Tying cameras and sound level meters together is not a new idea, and it was surprising to know that Britain had just gotten to this idea just now. Such systems have long been accepted into service in many countries, but not everywhere they are fully automated.

In fact, the lack of personnel has always limited the ability of the police to regulate noise pollution on the streets. There are so many violators, from owners of illegal exhaust systems to fans of loud music and abnormal horns, that the police force is simply not enough to identify and fine them all. So if “noise chambers” will work as expected – they will allow the police to focus on more important tasks. And, of course, they will replenish the city’s treasury. The Ministry of Transport has not yet received complaints about camera errors, as the program is still in test mode.

Guys, here’s some good advice: make a camera that penalizes a smartphone in the driver’s hand. Replenish the budget and increase road safety.

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