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Backpacks & Tank Bags for Motorcyclists

The question of how convenient it is to carry all the necessary things with you is quite relevant for motorcyclists, because every now and then a motorist sarcastically notices, they say, how will you take all this with you? Indeed, sometimes you have to shift things in your bag for a long time, and leave something at home.

Backpacks that are offered in motorcycle stores are more interesting than simple bags, for at least two reasons:

  • Specialized materials
  • Reinforced seams and fit

Motorcyclists sometimes use ordinary travel backpacks, with the expectation that the manufacturer has thought about how to protect things from rain or dirt. They save on buying a simple bag instead of specialized branded models. However, factories for the production of camping equipment do not expect that you may need to attach, for example, the same helmet to your backpack.

The Icon Squad 2 is an example of a functional backpack that can hold your gear.

When choosing a backpack, a motorcyclist always pays attention to three important points for him:

  • Strength of seams and protection of zippers
  • Functionality, location and capacity of pockets
  • Convenient belt positioning and weight distribution

Like any motorcycle gear, the backpack has a special cut with additional stitching and zipper protection. Unlike tourist equipment, when someone else can help a person get something out of his pocket, the pockets in motorbags must be easily accessible for the pilot. A motorcyclist should not have problems with zippers, fasteners and the ease of wearing a backpack, since you need to get a thing while standing at a traffic light on time, and not get confused in fasteners like an octopus under the signals of disgruntled motorists.

Motorcycle equipment manufacturers, contrary to tourist clothing manufacturers, remember two additional factors: aerodynamics and possible impacts in an accident.

The design of the rider’s backpack must ensure that the weight of items inside it does not interfere with the rider’s handling of the motorcycle. Is it a joke when you bend over, increasing your speed and feel how a netbook is digging into your kidneys, and a kick or a book jumps down your spine. It happens when the wrong choice of a backpack seriously interferes with increasing the speed, because the purchase protrudes from behind and flutters it with a stream of headwind.

Tank bags

Tank bags or tricky backpacks that can be placed on the tank are very useful purchase. Riding with a backpack over your shoulders interferes with traveling in pairs, and someone is simply annoyed by a duffel bag on their back while riding, the weight of which can roll when entering a turn. Tank bags have additional modifications, such as magnets or rubber bands, which prevent the bag from sliding along the plane of the tank.

Bags are the choice of long-distance travel enthusiasts or drivers who often travel in pairs.

The backpack is the choice of mobile pilots who live according to the principle “I carry everything with me”.

What to choose for you personally is a matter of personal preference. Today, the choice of motorbags is wide enough to make your eyes run. And those who are worried that it is scary to leave the bag on the tank when you go on business can buy a model bag that is easy to take with you and carry it like a regular portable bag.

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