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Bajaj Semi-Annual Global Sales Statistics 2021

Bajaj’s global sales are growing steadily in 2021, albeit at a slower pace than expected. By the end of June 2021 (in the first half of the year), 1.6 million registrations of Bajaj motor vehicles were made, which is 41.3 percent higher than in the same period last year, but 20.3 percent lower than in the first half of 2019. …

The number of registrations for evaluating sales of motor vehicles is used as an independent and fairly objective information about the number of units sold. Registration data is taken from official sources not affiliated with Bajaj Auto.

Things are getting better at Bajaj

After a massive drop in sales in 2020, business at Bajaj Auto is gradually improving, although not all problems are behind. So, the not the highest indicators of the current year were affected by the suspension of the work of enterprises in India, as well as the difficulties in Africa and South America associated with the coronavirus, of course. In the Indian market, Bajaj’s troubles continue: the coronavirus is still going bad, and the import of Indian products to Sri Lanka has been blocked. In South America, sales are growing strongly in the Dominican Republic (+ 337% versus 2020), Peru (+ 129%) and Argentina (+ 100%). Mexico, Africa and Eastern Europe are also showing strong growth.

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