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Bars, safety cages and sliders on motorcycle

Every pilot thinks about protecting his own body, with the exception of heroes, for whom shale is better than a motorboat, and a vest is an alternative to a turtle, but this is all until the first fall. An accident cripples not only people, but also equipment. There is nothing more sad than watching the plastic broken after a fall, frantically wondering if the engine is damaged?

Motorcycle protection is usually divided into three types:

  • Engine covers
  • Sliders
  • Arcs / cells

Engine covers

As for the engine covers, we will not talk a lot about them, because their essence is simple, and the price is obscenely high. It is easy to choose protective covers according to the brand of the motorcycle, to unfasten what amount for them with tears in your eyes, but to be sure that in the event of a fall, your horse’s heart will remain intact. However, these covers will not protect either your beautiful plastic or bulging parts like mirrors or handlebars. Therefore, this is the moment of tuning for a rare buyer who saves on motorcycle weight, takes care of the engine and sobs at night remembering how much this pleasure cost him.


An elementary design, which in words can be represented as a knob with a fastener. Sliders are attached to the frame, to the wheel axle, or even to the handlebar. A good option for fans of motorcycles with a lot of plastic, because the sliders have little or no effect on the look. On sportbikes, this method of protection does not change the balance and does not make the construction of motorcycles heavier, and as you know, every gram is important in the struggle for speed.

Sliders are usually disposable protection because most of them wear off when slipped. Due to the fact that there is only one attachment point or maximum (but rarely) two, and the size of the slider is not large, there is simply nowhere to dissipate the impact energy from the fall. Sometimes, after a fall, a motorcycle in a slipper can catch the slider on an uneven road, fall into a depression and catch on, then you risk getting an additional bonus in the form of a warped frame.

Conclusion: sliders are a good choice for motorcycles of a sports model, they do not affect weight or aerodynamics, but they protect in case of falling, only mainly for one time and exclusively the motorcycle itself. In addition, due to its modest size, protection can be considered local, partial.

Arcs and cells

I consider arcs and cages to be the most effective means of protecting a motorcycle. For a second, arcs, depending on the design, save not only the motorcycle, but also the driver’s legs. Protective covers or sliders will prevent the pilot from pulling his legs out from under a crashed motorcycle.

Of course, most of the arcs are quite bulky, for which supporters of high-speed models and motorcycles with a lot of plastic do not favor them. Dougie choice of road builders or choppers. Moreover, there is room for additional options, such as footrests, for example. Who doesn’t want to stretch out stiff legs on a long journey?

Cells are more versatile in their purpose. The fact is that the arcs load the front of the motorcycle, sometimes they look awkward. Cages are gaining popularity among city bikes as a means of additional protection and as a way to tune your favorite machine. The cage can be installed on different classes of motorcycles, except that they will look ridiculous on choppers. The bright color of the cage gives an original look, some even manage to combine them with plastic.

Due to its design, both arcs and cells distribute the impact energy over their entire area and, of course, this is a reusable protection. Recently, it has become important to supplement cells with sliders. An interesting solution, because the cage itself is quite expensive, and it will not be easy to repaint it after a fall, but to replace the slider on it – yes, please.

Such protective equipment is not difficult to purchase, and you can install it yourself. It makes sense that both the choice of equipment for the class of the motorcycle and the choice of protection for the motorcycle itself should be correlated with your travel plans. Sliders will be completely inappropriate on heavy choppers or road builders, at most put them on the steering wheel or wheel axle, but the cells on them will be just as ridiculous. Just imagine some kind of V-Twin, let’s say my pink dream – Boulevard, chained in a cage? Laughter and nothing else, Michio Suzuki (founder of Suzuki) would have thrown a wrench at someone who would have done so. It will be no less funny to install arcs on a sports bike. Firstly, it still needs to be tried, and secondly, it will have a disastrous effect on the balance and handling of the motorcycle.

Therefore, when choosing protection for your motorcycle, focus not only on the price, but also on the ease of installation / dismantling, on how the novelty will fit into the system of your motorcycle and how much it will affect handling.

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