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Basic rules for riding a motorcycle parking lot

For some riders, parking is a free circuit where you can learn, check the brakes, and drift. But what should mere mortals do who just want to calmly leave the parking lot? Slow and careful is not enough.

Low speed – maximum maneuverability.

Do not fly quickly through the parking lot, even if it is half empty. The low speed of the motorcycle gives you the ability to maneuver and stop quickly when danger arises.

The parking lot, like a residential area, is a place where no one waits, sees or notices motorcyclists. Motorists are waiting for pedestrians, but not for motorcycles. How many videos from the recorders when a car suddenly jumps out of the corner? How many motorcyclists were knocked over in the parking lot because the bike is not visible due to the tall minibus?

Don’t overspeed to give yourself time to react.

Reversing is the most dangerous maneuver for a motorcyclist

You drive like that, slowly, at cruising speed through the parking lot, you don’t bother anyone and mentally you have been at home for a long time. Nothing boded trouble – BAM!

A backwards motorist doesn’t wait for a motorcyclist to appear in the same way you wait for his bumper in your front wheel. Only emergency braking and maximum attention will help to cope with this misfortune.

Pedestrians and carts / rubbish

People throw everything in parking lots that they don’t need. Starting from carts, which laziness-mother prevented people from returning to their rightful place or banally removed from the roadway and to various small debris that is trying to get under the wheels.

People in parking lots are as attentive to motorcyclists as motorists. Pedestrians are puzzled by thoughts of household chores, their thoughts are already putting their purchases in the trunk and complaining about the prices in the store. They think about everything in the world, just not about the motorcycle, which is crossing the road.

Pedestrians in parking areas have priority and are aware of this. Therefore, people do not strive to give way to a motorcycle, even if it physically does not have time to brake.

And one last thing: pedestrians are hard to see behind parked cars. Children running unattended are the most vulnerable pedestrians. First, they don’t take the movement of any cars or motorcycles seriously. Secondly, they don’t follow them at all. Third, children in an emergency become numb. When the adult manages to react and pull back, the child will simply freeze, even if you try to slow down with all your might. And the last thing – a small child is completely invisible even behind tiny cars or a cluster of carts.

Be careful, friends!

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