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Big and expensive: the top pick of 2021 cruiser motorcycles

Motorcycles are divided into classes, everyone is free to choose the most convenient option for themselves. In city conditions, cruisers have many adherents, since off-road is not for them, but comfortable movement, driving for pleasure through the asphalt wilds – yes.

These bikes are characterized by a low, imposing stance, forward pegs, large dimensions with a brutal design and often sonorous rumbling exhaust.

Let’s see what interesting things can be found from manufacturers from 2021 models – big, “evil” and, as usual, expensive.

Benda BD700

Chinese motorcycles breathe in the back of the head of all large manufacturers, because they occupy a niche in budget and sometimes not very budget segments. Cheap replicas come to the rescue of newbies as the first motorcycle in many cities in Russia whose economy does not allow people to have large salaries.

The upcoming Benda BD700 cruiser with a four-cylinder in-line engine made a splash. The public finds it visually similar to the Ducati Diavel.

The production will be handled by the Zhejiang Changling Benjiang Motorcycle Company. It is known that the world will see him by the end of 2021, but he will obviously not reach Russia immediately.

The project was named “LF-01” and will produce 97hp. The manufacturers took the Honda CBR650 engine as a basis, increased the piston stroke, and also cleverly worked on the shape of the crankcase and the cylinder block. To the original solutions we will add the replacement of the throttle valves by one, as it was used in the development of the legendary Honda Gold Wing model. He is predicted a maximum speed of up to 180 km / h.

The wide rear wheel 310 / 35R-18 is striking. Experts, looking at him, assume that the monster will turn out to be clumsy. Dry weight is promised to be about 215 kilograms.

In general, they collected the Japanese mind and pragmatism in one bike, combined it with Italian style and audacity, put it on a more budgetary Chinese production. As a result, everyone who knows about him is wondering about the success or fiasco of execution.

Let’s wait to see what happens in the end. According to rough estimates, in China, its cost in rubles reaches about 450 thousand, but the amount is clearly not final.

Ducati XDiavel

But actually the original Italians XDiavel Dark and XDiavel Black Star have already waited. However, there is a possibility that the novelty is in no hurry to appear on domestic roads. In any case, the official website offers us two options for now.

220 kilograms of charisma, at the heart of which is the innovative Ducati Testastertta DVT 1262 engine.

The XDiavel version is promised at a price of 1,895,000 rubles. For this money, users will receive Bosch Cornering ABS and DTC traction control, a set of driving modes and a Ducati Safety Pack, Hands-Free keyless entry and a Ducati quick start system.

XDiavel S is sold at a price of 2,288,000 rubles. For this money, you need to add special design solutions to the above listed bonuses, including a molded side mirror housing, a seat made of two types of materials, anodized and polished rear swingarm and a Bluetooth module for the infotainment system.


Harley-Davidson always has a lot to choose from when you want a long “tram” with an exhaust, so that the windows shake at the neighbors.


The 1868cc Milwaukee-Eight ™ 114 Electronic Sequential Fuel Injection (ESPFI) engine will deliver 93 horsepower. and consume 5.5 liters per 100 km.

Exhaust system 2 in 2. Muffler with catalyst. ABS and anti-theft systems are standard, including a basic navigation set.

Dry weight 294 kilograms.

The cost of a motorcycle starts at 2,098,000 rubles.

Fat bob

The option is more affordable, the cost starts from 1,692,000 rubles. The characteristics of the engine are the same as the previous one. Dry weight 296 kilograms, gas tank volume 13.6 liters.

Among the cruiser models available for purchase in 2021, the most budgetary one at the moment is Softail standard, the cost of which starts from 1,273,000 rubles.

Indian vintage dark horse

Indian every year heats up interest in itself. The prices, however, are almost like the grandfather of “Harley”, and even higher. The original Indian Vintage Dark Horse model starts at 2,699,000 rubles.

Motorcycle with V-twin Thunderstroke 116 engine of 1890 cc cm produces 92 hp. One filly less than Harley-Davidson.

For the amount of more than two and a half million rubles, users receive a basic package with a Touring suspension with rear shock absorbers, anti-lock braking system, cruise control, contactless ignition, and also trunks made of genuine leather with fringe.

Honda CMX1100 REBEL

Who would have thought that the cruiser would be the Africa Twin brother, but the inline eight-valve “two” Rebel CMX1100 brings these two models together. An engine capacity of 1084 cc releases 87 horsepower.

The most interesting thing about this motorcycle is the semi-automatic gearbox, which works thanks to the option of installing DCT (Honda Dual Clutch Transmission). Moreover, if you don’t like DCT, then you can stop at the usual 6-speed mechanics.

The driver will have access to 4 engine operating modes, a set of electronic assistants, LED technology, a digital dashboard, a glove compartment and a USB connector.

The question of the price in Russia is still open, but according to the first estimates, the price tag tends to a million rubles.

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