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Bilstein enters the superbike market

Bilstein enters the superbike market

Do you have deja vu? Not a minor glitch of perception, when it seems that the events taking place now have already been seen in a dream. And such a good, good deja vu – when you read in the news about what has long been considered a valid and self-evident fact … and you sit blinking: what, in this version of reality, this is some kind of news, or what?

This is exactly how I got the feeling when I read a post about German suspension specialist Bilstein entering the high-performance motorcycle market. Although the brand is best known for its automotive components, I was pretty sure they weren’t entering the motorcycle suspension market for the first time in recent history. So I took a metaphorical shovel and started digging.


So, it turned out that in the blog of the British division of Bilstein there is an entry from May 2017, which literally reads the following:

For nearly 50 years, Bilstein has been producing gas shock absorbers for motorcycles and sidecars, both vintage and modern.

And then it also says that Bilstein shock absorbers have been sold online for more than 10 years (this is in 17, and now it turns out more than 13 years).

And it is, of course, great that Bilstein uses its many years of experience and know-how to create high-performance suspensions for British Superbikes and release kits of suspension components for BMW S1000RR from 2009 onwards, but to announce that this is the first entry of the brand into the motor market? Let’s say to the high-performance sports bike market – okay, but generally to the motor market?

Considering how technology has changed and improved over the years, and also considering that Öhlins, Showa, WP and K-Tech have a good head start in the form of experience and best practices in this particular market, it will be very interesting to see how the Germans do business. Healthy competition is fuel for innovation, and it will be extremely interesting to evaluate the results of five years of work on the suspension for the BMW S1000RR.

The company plans to release suspension kits for other motorcycles in “near future”for now, the BMW S1000RR is where they decided to start. If all goes according to plan, the kit will be released by the end of 2020, but so far no progress has been reported on this plan. Let’s wait and see, as they say.

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