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BMW celebrates 40 years of GS motorcycles – anniversary edition

The most popular and recognizable BMW motorcycles are the GS series. “Goose” is known even by those who drive only on smooth roads. But who would have thought that he had already turned 40 years old! In honor of the significant event, the manufacturer rolled out a special series celebrating the history of the legend.

How it all began

BMW has always been interested in motorcycles that can carry their owner through any kind of mud, sand and swamp. The pioneer was the BMW R 37 bike, which in 1926 Rudolf Schlenker won the Six Days off-road race in Great Britain, which lasted six days. At the same enduro race in the 70s, German motorcycles set the heat every year, proving that not only two-stroke and single-cylinder engines can do something.

The Motor Sports Federation in the late 70s allowed a new class of motorcycles to race. So the models with the engine from 750 “cubes” received a ticket to the competition. Needless to say, how happy they were at BMW with their boxer monsters? It was then that BMW teamed up with the Italian company Laverda for a new project. The result was racing bikes with the designation GS800, which contained 872 cc engines. In the races, the success of the model was consolidated by Werner Schutz, who won the German championship, and Rolf Withoft, who took the podium in the European championship.

Six Days racing veteran engineer Rudiger Gutsche took over as project leader for a dual-use motorcycle for ordinary buyers. Mass production of the first production model GS began after 21 months of development. In 1980, the world saw the BMW R 80 G / S. It was called that way, with a slash – G / S, which meant Gelande Strasse – “For streets and off-road”.

This motorcycle became a revolution and a hit of its time. People realized that now motorcycle trips along any route are open for them. Norwegian Helge Petersen has been traveling in the R 80 G / S for 10 years! He traveled 80 countries on it.

Further, the G / S was tested by the Dakar races. The French motorcycle racer won the German bike race in 1981, and in 1984, the manufacturer released a special series of road R 80 G / S Paris-Dakar to celebrate his victories. It was he who became the great-grandfather for the subsequent GS Adventure series.

This is how the 40-year success of the BMW GS motorcycles began. Over the years, the series has changed, developed and became more perfect.

Edition 40 Years GS

The first thing that will help to distinguish the anniversary version from others is the original color. As is usually the case, the special series of motorcycles stand out for their particular style. In our case, elements of black, yellow and silver, which refer us to the R 100 GS. The manufacturer himself calls the design of the series “bumblebee”.

In addition to the design, there have been changes in the list of basic equipment for each motorcycle. BMW has also updated its list of additional factory gadgets, such as adding a GPS holder, improved ride modes, and low seat and suspension options.

Let’s see what awaits us in 2021 and the approximate cost of each model of the anniversary series in Russia.

G 310 GS – Edition 40 Years GS

From 429,000 rubles

F 750 GS – Edition 40 Years GS

From 829,000 rubles

F 850 ​​GS – Edition 40 Years GS

From 1,014,000 rubles

F 850 ​​GS Adventure – Edition 40 Years GS

From 1,134,000 rubles

R 1250 GS – Edition 40 Years GS

From 1,528,000 rubles

R 1250 GS Adventure – Edition 40 Years GS

From 1 658 000 rubles

R nineT Urban G / S – Edition 40 Years GS

From 1,202,000 rubles

By the way, the price tag for anniversary motorcycles does not differ much from similar models that do not belong to anniversary ones. At least this is the situation at the initial stage, until the owner wanted to add some of the additional options.

In any case, if you come across a GS in bumblebee livery on the road, you will always know the year of its release and what it is dedicated to.

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