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BMW Motorrad is changing its product launch strategy

The thing that didn’t work out for sure in 2020 was motorcycle events. Major shows in the industry were canceled or rescheduled, prompting motorcycle manufacturers to pay more attention to online platforms, so that many interesting new items were presented via video conferencing or presentations, rather than live in front of an audience full of motorcycle journalists.

Things are getting better

It looks like things are slowly improving, and although new dates for live events are being announced, not all manufacturers want to go back to the old version of announcing new models.

For example, BMW Motorrad announced that it is changing its product launch strategy and is planning to rely more and more on virtual events for the announcement of new motorcycles, and they are planning to hold live meetings on their territory instead of participating in large exhibitions.

In particular, this means that BMW Motorrad will no longer accept traditional participation in the organization of the two largest motorcycle shows, EICMA in Milan and Intermot in Cologne, says a press release from the Munich headquarters of BMW Motorrad.

The company adds that by organizing their own events, they get the opportunity to more accurately choose when to launch new models, while at the same time communicating more closely with the audience. Despite the refusal to participate in major shows, BMW has confirmed that it will continue to exhibit at regional events, as well as consider “new options”… I think we are talking about new creative ways of presenting new products.

Our strategic restructuring of connections, in which we use expanded formats of live and digital events, will allow us to inspire even more people around the world to be interested in BMW Motorrad products and offerings and to communicate with them in the future in an optimal way, ” wrote the head of BMW Motorrad, Dr. Marcus Schramm.

As of today, the EICMA is expected to be held at the end of November 2021, while Intermot will skip 2021 and run from October 4-9, 2022.

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