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Bright outfit, what are the pros and cons?

Imagine a motorcyclist. What is he? I’m not talking about the bike at the moment, but about the image of your association. Imagine him / her without a motorcycle. Fans of motorcycle racing immediately draw a man in overalls with a characteristic hump. For most people, a motorcyclist is still an eternal ghost rider in a leather jacket and no age of information will interrupt the romance of an open helmet-helmet, skulls in the entourage of clothes, stains of working off on trousers. The townspeople, lovers of aggressive driving, remember the daring pilots who goat on the rear wheel in a bright jersey, a colored jacket or an original helmet.

Manufacturers offer many options for laconic designs, but it is far from an exception to see a selection of equipment that is completely crazy in style, brightness or pattern! Who chooses bright outfit? What are its advantages and what are the disadvantages – let’s figure it out.

We have already discussed the selection of equipment in the articles:

Bright outfit is chosen by ambitious, emotional people who seek to be noticed. Most often these are city dwellers, as well as athletes. How can you not envy such cool jersey, original jackets, and overalls for motorcycle racers?

Separately, I note that some motorcyclists choose only a bright helmet, which is worn in combination with more restrained protection elements in tone. In our case, we consider, first of all, the equipment as a whole, and not separately. A person is perceived in a unified way, and a motorcyclist is also perceived in the context of the nature of the ride, the class of the motorcycle. Undeniably though, the branded helmets are eye-catching even when the rest of the protection set doesn’t stand out.

The advantages of bright outfit:

The first reason for this purchase is of course the image! Not every motorcycle is paired with flashy gear. It’s funny, but a black jacket with moto pants will look almost the same brutal on different classes of motorcycles, with the exception of naturally cross and enduro. But the outfit, which is very bright in its prints, already narrows the range, because it seems superfluous on many heavy and tourist, I am not afraid of the word “sofa”, motorcycles. However, it looks surprisingly atmospheric when it is not in dissonance with the bike. Emphasizes the bully character! You do not expect that a motorcyclist in a dashing manner will go at the speed of a horse-drawn carriage?

Icon Overlord SB2 Wild Child orange women’s motorcycle jacket

For a multitude of enthusiastic personalities, the conspicuous view further indicates to the audience which motorcycle rider is who. To do this, professionals apply patches with the name and signs of sponsoring partners to the equipment. So it is always easier to distinguish your idol from the rest.

– Who are we rooting for?

– That guy in the red overalls!

The second reason follows from the first – visibility. The fact is that the contrast of the equipment seriously saves the life of a motorcyclist. Our vision reacts to movement, but a bright moving object that does not merge with the terrain attracts attention faster. You may not fully notice the object or not recognize it with peripheral vision, but when it stands out with a bright color, it is difficult to miss. The perception of color depending on the speed plays an important role!

“Feeling of speed while riding a motorcycle”

Hence, the contrast of the equipment adds +5 points to your visibility on the road. Someone buys flashy reflective vests, and someone just needs to be in the trend of charismatic designs.

By the way, the acid-colored moto raincoats are made for the same reason – visibility. Due to poor visibility during rain, dark colors play into the hands only of repair shops and accident statistics. The brighter the outfit, the better it is noticeable in cloudy weather or at dusk.

What are the disadvantages of bright outfit?

  • Uneven pollution
  • Features of cleaning leather products

Uneven pollution

The patterned outfit looks gorgeous, but over time you start to notice that the lighter colors are no longer so bright. Modern developments are not highlighted as quickly as it seems, but they get dirty with varying degrees of success.

On the other hand: when a drawing is, let’s say, “motley”, the spot planted on it may be less striking than on plain clothes. The contrast of the pattern will smooth out the visual perception of dirt, because the stain will not be assessed as a whole due to the transition of colors into each other.

Features of cleaning leather products

With textiles, everything is more or less simple, even when it is bright. The manufacturer always tells you what to do. The skin is full of nuances. Whether it is a jacket or overalls, when it is made of leather of different colors, there is a risk of ruining everything during the wash. Some dry cleaners refuse to accept multi-color leather products due to the lack of specific cleaning agents for each color. By and large, this problem is solved by looking for a professional dry cleaner, where all the dirty work will be done for you.


Flamboyant gear is a good choice when it matches your character and character. Any outfit requires attention, just when choosing a multi-colored leather, it will take a little more care. Otherwise, do not be afraid of bright prints, they will definitely make you stand out from the crowd!

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