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Checklist for reading – books for motorcyclists

The off-season is the time when you can do a motorcycle and self-development. Motorcyclists start sorting out equipment, planning to buy a new one, wondering where to go for the next season, and much more. Someone consciously approaches the practice of skills – they go to motorcycle schools at advanced levels. And there are those who are ready to just put the bike in the garage and do other pressing matters.

No matter how they convince me that many motorcyclists do not like to read, but it is hard to believe, because no, no, but I want to have some special book at home. Even now, when any information can be found on the net or spied on someone’s blog.

In this collection, we will not talk about the “tabloid” press, which is read in the subway and thrown away after, not about novels at a time, but about books that you want to put on the shelf after reading, because they carry some kind of inner philosophy and “Secret” knowledge. Surprisingly, time goes by, and the top list does not get old!

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Care – Persig Robert M.

This book is always one of the first when it comes to fiction, where the main character is a motorcyclist. The book is not so simple, sometimes it is difficult to read, but when the last sheet is read, something “jinks” in my head.

The book itself has a difficult fate, because for a long time it was refused to be published and rejected as many as 121 times, and then it “shot”, turned into a world bestseller.

This is the story of a father and son’s motorcycle journey from Minneapolis to San Francisco. The book covers many philosophical issues. Because of such reasoning of the protagonist, it is sometimes difficult to “digest” the narrative. But it is here that explains why we freak out when we cannot unscrew the bolt, what is “reality” and “reality” during a breakdown on the track and much, much more, which not every motorcyclist thought about in principle.

Hells Angels – Hunter Thompson

Let’s be honest, if I ask you about the most famous clubs, who do you remember? I think these guys will certainly be in the top five. The life of motorcycle clubs has always attracted people because it implies the same brotherhood sung in many stories, songs and other things. Films and TV series have been shot about them many times, they have been written about in crime reports, they are feared and imitated.

If you want to know what a motorcycle club is in its very origins, with all the “bad” deeds, fraternization and mutual responsibility, where a mountain behind each other – this book is for you.

The club itself recognizes the authenticity of the story and considers it the only true one. Let it be written a long time ago – published in 1966, but this is the real story of a real club, which can still be found on the track. The journalist Hunter Thompson, who wrote this book, lived the life of the club, became a member, so this is interesting material without unnecessary pathos.

“Under and Alone” by Billy Queen

This book is unlikely to be found in Russian, apart from amateur translations on the net, but one cannot but mention it when it comes to real stories. You may know Billy Quinn from the movie Alone and Depressed. The bottom line is that this is the story of a real agent to combat the trafficking of alcohol, tobacco and weapons. He was embedded in the motorcycle club and eventually became a part of it to such an extent that the mental rush from the transition from an unscrupulous agent to an obvious leader of the motorcycle club is visible to the naked eye. This change is very curious.

Again we are talking about the description of the present attitude of city dwellers to motorcycle clubs, to the activities of members of the “gang” and events that took place, and not invented by the author for the sake of action.

Motorcycle Travel: The Adventurer’s Book – Scott Chris

For those who love travel and are far from the principles for which one can get behind bars more than once. A book about the travels of Chris Scott, which details the misadventures that happened to him at the most inopportune moments, how he dealt with them. Suitable for those who dream of “long-range” or just want to go to the ends of the world on a motorcycle.

Most of the material is from Asia, Africa and Latin America. Tips for preparing a bike, experience and practice that can help the tourist to survive. One drawback, since the time of writing the book “a lot of water has flowed under the bridge”, so do not forget to make a discount that some of the information was relevant before, but now the same advice about admissible visas and admission to some countries is outdated.

Around the World on Motorcycles – Charlie Burman, Ewan McGregor, Robert Uhlig

Another travel book. Here you will read the story of two friends who plowed Europe, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia in their BMWs, and then flew across the Pacific Ocean, raced through Alaska, drove through all of Canada and America. And they could do all this in just four months! Four. Months.

One Mile Further – Ron Ayres

Another modest book on travel and how to prevent / deal with troubles on the road. Only experience, only benefit, only in the case – short and clear. By the way, there is an open access on the network.

“Road strategy. A Biker Survival Guide “- David L. Huff

This is a very sensible guide, which in simple understandable language describes almost everything that can happen to a motorcyclist on the road (with the exception of a meteorite fall and an alien invasion). But seriously, I strongly recommend the textbook to first-seasons and to drivers whose motorcycle school cost only a “snake” and “eight”. The textbook is also available on the Internet in the public domain, everyone can read it.

If reading in English is not a big problem, then you will find books by motorcycle racer Guy Martin curious. Professional athletes have found them to be quite informative for themselves. Anyway, if you want to get into the head of a professional, you should look for his books: “When You Dead, You Dead”, “Guy Martin: My Autobiography”, “We Need to Weaken the Mixture”.

And if you want to know about races and speed records with a touch of history and two world wars, then don’t miss this one .. “Enterprise on the Edge of Industry. Experiencing Corporation and Its Impact 1914-2014 “. True, this grail is also in English.

What else?

In the vastness of the network, there is enough information about almost any motorcycle, although there is always a fan who wishes to have a whole encyclopedia. Among the most popular are “Motorcycles. World Encyclopedia “- Hicks R.

As for technical reference books, there are several common ones available without any problems:

“Motorcycles. Device and principle of operation “Coombs M.

“Tuning of motorcycles. Leadership ”Gill P.

This is for those who want to know more than what is written in the manual for a particular bike. One drawback, these books were released at the beginning of the 2000s, respectively, we will not find young modern models there. But the publishers also do not sit idly by, so periodically there are updates of encyclopedias and collections, especially for “maniacs” who like to rustle the pages. And the above-named encyclopedias are also publicly available on the network.

The same problem of obsolescence of information from very useful books can be encountered when reading well-known driving textbooks. They are certainly good and there are no complaints about the authors, even in thoughts, but … Many of these books were also released when motorcycles were not so advanced and smart. Nowadays, any bike, especially for track or professional off-road racing, is crammed with so many electronics that solve many problems for the driver. It is strange how they have not yet become an independent person, if even the voice is already recognized?

But seriously, the following books will still be useful for those who want to improve their driving skills. The winter is long – the books are good.

“Sports Riding Technique” – Jenach N.

“Full Control” – Parks L.

Road Strategy – Hough D.

The Art of Motorcycle Riding – Hough D.

“Traffic. Psychology of Behavior on the Road Tom Vanderbilt.

The list goes on, but this is enough for a start. It’s not enough for a really useful book to have a protagonist on a bike. The book should teach something, show something, and not lie like a dead weight as paper for kindling a fireplace. I hope this checklist is really helpful to you.

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