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City motorcycle equipment – choosing the right one. 3 basic rules

How often do we see motorcyclists in the city who are only half equipped because of the heat, because “I’m just going to the store” or “I’m at work – close here”? Many limit themselves to a helmet, gloves and a vest, skipping motorcycle boots and trousers, explaining this with off-bike mobility and budget.

The drivers are understandable. In dense city traffic, fresh air does not blow as much as at high speeds on an open highway, and the heat from the engine in traffic jams literally melts our legs.

The urban motorcyclist lives the active life of his “anthill” – he walks a lot, meets different people, visits offices and cafes, commutes to work. Therefore, his equipment should offer more than just safety.

Let’s talk about the outfit for the typical urban biker – what does he need and what to look for?


Urban outfit is not about the cost, not about “textiles or leather” and not even about the class of the motorcycle. When buying equipment for city driving, first of all, you need to answer three questions:

– How much will it protect me?

– How comfortable will it be for me to ride and walk in this?

– Is this equipment functional?

Example. You can buy the most reliable high-top motorcycle boots that will save your feet from falls and even severe twisting of the joint. But. With these boots on, you won’t be able to walk to work or climb / descend stairs with ease. They are not meant for that.

You can take a motorcycle suit, because you ride a sports bike around the city – there is logic in this. But the rest of city life will be uncomfortable for you. It is extremely embarrassing to sit in a cafe in a sports motorcycle suit, it is uncomfortable to enter a store or a bank in it. And such a need may arise at any moment! You’re not going home to change, are you?

Yes, many people bring change clothes or shoes with them, especially if there is a dress code at work. The trick is that a city biker is a lot of events with and without a motorcycle, and the intervals between them are very short. There is no time for dressing up!

1. Safety

If you ask which motorcyclists are more likely to neglect equipment, the urban ones will come first. Athletes are always fully assembled – no one will release them on the track or training without equipment. Motorcycle tourists think through everything to the smallest detail – there is too long a road ahead to screw up. But the city’s temptations are great – the house is close, work too, maybe it will carry.

The equipment is obliged to protect the owner, so there is nothing to paint for a long time. See availability of certifications. Choose exactly the right size and refer to the manufacturer’s sizing charts. See what materials your defense is made of, the composition can tell a lot!


As in the history of motorbots, you need to understand that urban equipment is universal. In it you drive and go about business. The Icon city lines are good for this, that outwardly they do not differ from simple clothes, but the selection of materials, cut and reinforced seams will not let them wear off after two meters of sliding on the asphalt.

Drivers complain that the equipment is bulky, then it presses, then it rubs, then something else … Most of the stones are in the direction of motorcycle shoes, because walking means comfortable shoes and freedom of the ankle. If you know that you need to walk a lot or you won’t be able to change your shoes, pay attention to motorcycle boots. Short versions of motorcycle shoes are also here. Sneakers are good because they do not look different from simple shoes, which means that they will not get out of the general style of an ordinary pedestrian. However, consider your lifestyle and riding habits. If you are a fan of sports bikes and ride a lot more than you walk, then tall models should not be dismissed.

Motorcycle pants in the city are easily replaced with motorcycle jeans. Outwardly, they do not stand out, and only you know that the Kevlar inside them will save you when sliding, and the protective inserts will absorb the impact in a collision. If an accident occurs, then you will not have to regret such a purchase for sure.

As for the sets of equipment, separate options are more profitable in the city. They are easier to combine and remove. The jumpsuit is a self-contained unit, but the pants and jacket can be worn separately! Is it very hot outside? Replace your regular jacket with a perforated or vest. In addition, a motorcycle jacket can be worn as a regular jacket, as well as motorcycle jeans. Just take out the safety pads – bingo!

If we talk about gloves, then the urban options are light and short. Long ones remain for bad weather. Short models can be quickly removed if needed. At traffic lights, no one will wait until you put on elbow protection there, tuck the sleeves of your jacket into it … This is forgivable only in the off-season and rains.


In essence, this point is a continuation of the previous one. When equipment has many functions, its use becomes much more convenient. So how do you empower the urban biker?

In the forefront is the headset. To avoid wasting time or missing out on opportunities, attach your headset to your Icon helmet. Then you can quickly receive information on the road. Gloves with a touchscreen function are recommended for the same purposes. A special material that imitates human skin is inserted on the fingers. Thus, you can operate the touch screens without removing your gloves.

Backpacks are an integral part of the urban motorcyclist. Things need to be transported in something, and the large pockets of the jacket are clearly not enough. Motorbags differ from the usual level of elaboration and inserts that protect the contents.

If we talk about tank bags or wardrobe trunks, then yes, you can put all the “swag” in them, but will you take it with you to the office? And in what? Take your bag off your motorcycle and drag it to work? And if these are large side bags, how?

I think that in the side and center bags you need to identify those things that are not so offensive to lose if they are stolen from you during your downtime in the parking lot. The backpack can be carried with you and it is also easy to make an urban household item out of it.

If we compare the functionality of bags for a motorcycle, then a tank is more profitable. Just because then everything will be at hand, any item from the bag is easy to get even at a traffic light. Another thing is that it is less spacious.


It doesn’t matter what color your equipment will be, made of leather or textiles, it will be very expensive or budget. It is important that it keeps you alive and does not interfere with your full breast!

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