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Collision with animals on a motorcycle – what to do ?!

I remember how I was returning in the middle of the night across Moscow to the area of ​​Borisovskie ponds. Time hours 3 nights. As I steer up to the intersection, ready for any unexpected road, I slow down, because I see a certain red spot at the turn. I’m used to animals running out on forest trails, here I think a cat is not a cat, a dog is not a dog … It seems I’m not so tired to see pink unicorns. And now, at full speed, jogging briskly across the roadway, the fox rushed selflessly! Life did not prepare me for this. This was not taught in the motorcycle school!

Accidents involving animals and motorists are reported quite often, but you don’t always find out about motorcycles and animals. Usually motorcyclists suffer from small animals in city traffic, but from large and wild ones much less often. In the city, a stubborn dog with distant barking does not run only for a particularly high-speed rocket, but this is all until the first traffic jam or exit from the yard.

When driving at low revs, especially through yards and at intersections, dogs react to motorcycles in the same way they react to bicycles. Remember how in childhood you pedaled to the victorious, naively trying to get away from the pack of dogs?

How to prevent accidents with animals?

In fact, from the animals running out under the wheels, as well as from pedestrians, we will not bend our hearts – no one is immune. Animals near the track are driven by the instinct “RUN”, so when they see an opportunity to cross the carriageway on the remnants of common sense, they run, jumping like devils out of a snuffbox.

In addition, animals, like people, pay attention first to large objects, for example, a bus, and only then to smaller ones. Therefore, just as an unearthly surprise is the phenomenon of a motorcycle because of a bus for a person, so a street mongrel or a cat did not expect to see your brand new tire tread.

Hence the first conclusion: to be attentive at all 10,000%

If you notice the animal’s intention to cross the road, honk or fire the engine. A loud source of sound not only makes passers-by look around, burst out from the rage of motorists, but also serves as a warning to the animal, which certainly rests on hearing as much as on sight.

And finally, acceleration. The animal must understand that it does not have a magic portal to the other side of the road, that it will not have time to cross, because you are moving too fast. Moreover, acceleration can help you at the moment of impact, if the animal still decided to try fate.

What to do at the moment of a collision?

We remember that it is easier to enumerate on one hand what does not unbalance the motorcycle than to go over the reasons for the loss of balance for a long time and persistently. So, a collision with an animal is equivalent to a loss of control, more often to a fall.

Let’s divide the accident situation into two parts:

  • Tangent collision
  • Direct hit of an animal under the wheels

When the collision is tangential, you still have a chance to stay upright. Since the bike stabilizes when accelerating, it is the increased speed and your driving skills that will keep you from falling sideways.

If the animal hits you directly under the wheels, then it ends up overturning, since the impact is commensurate with hitting a cobblestone. Your last millimeter of luck will be to unload the front fork. When you see, as the saying goes “a second before,” that a living creature falls under the wheels, then you need to:

  • Pull yourself together
  • Do not load the fork with the front brake! Speed ​​up
  • Squeeze the motorcycle tighter with your feet, it is even possible to stand up like on motocross motorcycles when passing obstacles, if the animal was small

Acceleration will load the rear of the bike, the front will be lightened, which means that the wheel will be able to absorb the impact in such a way as not to topple you over the handlebars. Rough: the motorcycle will have a gap to “swallow” the obstacle. Even if you subsequently fall, there should be less injuries than with a loaded fork, because then the front part sags and the center of gravity shifts to the nose, it is logical that in this case, at the moment of a collision, you fly over the handlebars, and the motorcycle falls on you.

As much as you feel sorry for the animal, you need to overpower yourself and accelerate, because braking will only aggravate the situation. You can get more serious injuries, the likelihood of falling increases. There is still hope to rush past the animal ahead of the curve.

At the moment of a collision with a large animal, for example, a wild boar, the chances of staying upright are extremely low due to the difference in the weight category.

As long as you and your motorcycle are heavier than an animal, the advantage is on your side.

What to do after an accident with an animal?

Let’s say no luck. You realized that you thought the same way with the poor fellow when you decided to accelerate. Accidents involving animals can be roughly divided into three types:

  • Non-fatal animal crash
  • Accidents with pets or livestock
  • Traffic accidents with wild animals

I must say right away that in any situation you will be extreme. Insurers hate such stories, they often have to make repairs at their own expense. And if it turns out that you violated traffic rules at this moment, then wait for a “letter of happiness.” They flee from the scene of the collision for another reason – the law.

Suddenly, Federal laws are immediately attracted to traffic rules with animals:

  • “About the animal world”
  • “On livestock breeding”
  • “On specially protected natural areas”
  • “On environmental protection”

And the cherry on top in this situation, the article, which is being used as an argument by the prosecution, came from the Civil Code. Article 137 “Animals”.

The point is that if you shoot down any animal, then you automatically destroy someone’s property! If the animal was wild, then it belonged to the city, the country in which it lived. There are no ownerless animals; by the letter of the law, even a homeless mongrel or a park squirrel belongs to the city.

The accident ended in fright, you and the animal parted like ships at sea. Then a liter of valerian to help, consider that everyone is lucky.

When a collision has occurred with a pet, then it would be necessary to find the owners of the animal. In this case, you will face a refund of the value of the animal in accordance with the breed and sex. Likewise with farm livestock. If you gore someone’s goat or ram, you will have to look for the owner of the farm. Of course, you can escape, as many do. But if you decide to prove your case, then you need to hope that the owner did not watch over his animals. According to the same laws, the owner is obliged to look after the pets, so the negligence of the owner of the animal will be a magical chance for rehabilitation.

When encountering a wild animal, you should look for a huntsman or a person in charge of the economy in the region in which the accident occurred. In this case, traffic police officers will help. But you should know that a fine is imminent for the death of a forest animal. Often quite weighty, it is established by the order of the Ministry of Natural Resources No. 948 And if you decide to take the carcass of the animal with you, then you will be considered a poacher! In all seriousness, you fall under the article on illegal hunting, and this is already Article 258 of the Criminal Code.

Summing up… When you collide with an animal, you carry out practically the same manipulations as in an ordinary road accident, only with an eye on the owner of the animal. If the animal survived after the collision, you can try to help it. Then don’t forget that the creature will be scared and possibly aggressive. If possible, it is advisable to remove the animal from the roadway, but if this is not possible, then leave it alone and do not risk it again. You can put up an emergency sign in front of the wounded animal or somehow mark its place before the arrival of the traffic police.

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