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Combining Remus and Kesstech

Austrian motorcycle accessories manufacturer Remus, renowned for its sportbike exhaust system, and Germany’s Kesstech, which produces the famous steering exhaust for Harley Davidson, have teamed up.

It sounds funny: two competitors from such close countries will now work together, and this happened because both are acquired by Motorcycle Equipment Company (MEC).

Kesstech and Remus

According to the agreements reached, both brands, Kesstech and Remus, will continue to work on their projects together, and exhaust without valves will also appear in the Kesstech range. The brand specializes in exhaust systems for Harley Davidson, Indian and BMW – both electronically controlled and automatic valves that change the sound of the motorcycle’s exhaust.

MEC CEO Mario Altendorfer explains:

By partnering with Remus, we will be able to develop even better. Remus’ technical know-how and established business contacts in the global aftermarket are very well combined with our sales skills and keen eye for trends.

The strengths of both companies will strengthen their common business. Kesstech’s strong position in the chopper and cruiser tuning market matches well with Remus’ development expertise. The Kesstech range will have new exhaust ducts without valves as early as 2021, but whether the technology of controlled exhaust sound will be used in Remus products remains to be seen. After all, the sound of the exhaust (and the ability to control it) is of most interest to fans of choppers and cruisers, although some sports bikers will appreciate this feature.

Remus CEO Stefan Zochling said:

Together we are stepping into our future together, building on our sound, design and technical know-how for Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycles. The core competencies of both companies will ensure excellent product quality and perfect compatibility, along with breathtaking sound and unique design.

Working with Kesstech, Remus hopes to expand its portfolio of compatible brands, which currently includes BMW, KTM and Ducati. The addition of two American V-twin makers will definitely benefit the brand. So, most likely, former competitors from this deal will only benefit, as will their parent company MEC.

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