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Common mistakes in motorcycle maintenance

The motorcycle season is about to begin. Many are already preparing for the first road trips. After a long downtime in a garage or other storage place, the bike will require attention to its person. Someone does not prepare a motorcycle at all, someone does superficial work, and someone checks everything to the smallest detail.

Consider what common mistakes motorcyclists make in servicing equipment.

Do not take care of the motorcycle

It would seem that an item from the category of “captain is obvious”, but there are still people who are in no hurry to take care of a motorcycle. Only inaction is worse than action. Therefore, it is this observation that is at the first place of our list. Still, well-groomed equipment will live longer, it will be more pleasing, and will require less costs in the future.

Too much tension on the chain

We are so worried that the motorcycle chain will stretch and sag that sometimes we overtighten it too much. Excessive chain tension will come out sideways because the suspension will not work properly. Tight tension will begin to limit the vertical travel of the rear wheel. If you often have to ride in holes, then the overtightened chain will make itself felt. Do not doubt it.

Due to over-tension, the stars, the chain itself, and even the gearbox bearings will begin to fail. A sad prospect.

Overtighten bolts, nuts and other threaded parts

A familiar situation when by the end of the motorcycle season you begin to notice the weakening of bolts, nuts, fasteners. And even when driving on the “Martian” roads, sometimes a serious long-distance traveler is enough to feel at the end point of the trip how everything that could loosen from the vibration.

A thread lock and a torque wrench save many, but not everyone uses such useful things. In attempts to tighten the bolt / nut tighter, each at least once, but tore off the thread, spoil the mount or tore off part of the bolt. In such a situation, you don’t even know what is worse: to rip off the thread and cut a new one, or to tear off the head of the bolt and unscrew its pitiful remnants from the motorcycle. As a person who has tried both scenarios, I will say – wildly enrages!

Such an elementary mistake provides a romantic evening in the garage and a lot of wasted time. And also, a damaged bolt / nut must be replaced, that is, you need to travel in search of a tiny part in an attempt to guess the course of the thread, to choose the desired length and diameter. It is not always possible to do this quickly.

In addition to the bolts in the top of the damaged thread, there is always room for spark plugs. Candles are tightened by hand, then tightened neatly with a tool. But no, someone will turn on the Hulk mode until the puzzled “Oops!”

Conclusion: do not overdo it with threaded elements and, if possible, use a torque wrench.


With regard to the handling of bolts and nuts, mention should be made of the use of a suitable tool. On some motorcycles there are parts that make it clear that they were removed or tightened with keys of neighboring sizes – knocked down and dented heads. When there are no keys, people use pliers or wire cutters or something else that could grab the mount. Another type of damage to property is broken and smoothed edges in holes for a screwdriver or polyhedron. The reasons are the same – there was no suitable tool, they got in, than God sent.

Too much tire pressure

The manual indicates the recommended tire pressure. According to the mind, it needs to be checked constantly, but if you follow all-all-all recommendations, then more than driving, you will run around the motorcycle. For this reason, motorcyclists ignore tire pressure and check it as soon as possible.

Low pressure increases wheel traction. That is why the wheels are slightly lowered before the sandy road or mud trail. When the pressure in the wheels is too high, the contact patch becomes a little smaller. The motorcycle literally bounces, reacts sharper to handling and unevenness of the road.

Overdo it with lubrication

There is no superfluous lubricant for a motorcycle, but its surplus must be removed. It happens that motorcyclists intentionally lubricate some parts so generously that the lubricant is then smeared over neighboring parts, the body, clogged into small cracks and … collects dirt, dust, debris and other slag, which will be blown by the wind.

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