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Cooling thermal underwear is interesting

Many people know about the usual thermal underwear, which is very useful in the off-season, in bad weather and for especially frozen comrades. Spring is on the doorstep, summer is five minutes away, the season is already open, for some it is successful, for some it is not very good. The weather is becoming more and more friendly, the mood rises, as well as the thermometer.

What to do when the equipment is very hot? You ride like this on a motorcycle, it is cool in the morning, and in the afternoon in traffic your black leather jacket is hot as if you signed up for a free solarium. You come home, sweat in seven streams and you are ready to sell your soul for a shower. And this is just the beginning! In the summer, many motorcyclists refuse the same jacket or additional outerwear-equipment precisely because of the heat. So what to do?

There is an exit! Thermal underwear, suddenly, is also cooling.

What should be the cooling thermal underwear?


Cooling thermal underwear, like warming, must fit snugly to your body. Therefore, you cannot do without trying on. If the weave does not adhere to the body like a second skin, you will not wait for the cooling result.

We have already recalled with you school courses in history, physics and chemistry, now we got to biology. How does the human body cool?

If you said that through the release of moisture in the form of sweat, then you did not study in school in vain. Cooling thermal underwear works on the principle of removing excess moisture. If your purchase does not cope with moisture removal, then it is logical that there will be problems with cooling. There are always additional inserts at the places where the body sweats most.

Among the materials you can find coolmax, polyurethane / nylon combinations, perforations and all sorts of additions aimed at sewing and elasticity of the sleeves. In any case, it will be a thin fabric that is pleasant to the body.

The seams must be flat, otherwise it will be uncomfortable for you to wear such clothes. And the raised seams will also chafe the skin.

Anatomical cut is a must. Without it, there will be no attraction to the body.

And the last, cooling thermal underwear should be worn in the same way as warming – under the main clothing. If you are hot in a jacket in summer, why not use thermal underwear? Moreover, you can always use a turtle complete with jersey, for example. The main thing, please, do not neglect your own safety due to the heat!

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