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Cordura – what is it and how is it beneficial for motorcyclists

“Not all fabrics are created equal.” This is the kind of greeting that awaits you if you go to the site of the production of the material CORDURA, aka Cordura. Development, which, like many advanced ideas, came to us from the army. This material is well known to tourists, and someone uses it without even knowing it. Believe me, it is much more common than you think.

Today, Cordura is used almost everywhere, and for motorcyclists it has become the best friend for a long time. Most often, cordura is used in the production of backpacks, bags, covers, as well as in shoes, motorcycle pants and motorcycle jackets.


To better understand the essence of this fabric, let’s take a look at its history. Initially, Cordura was the brainchild of the famous American industrial giant DuPont. By the way, now DuPont is a large chemical production, and once it began as a simple gunpowder factory. And it was in 1802. There is information that CORDURA first appeared back in 1929 as a result of an experiment to transform viscose yarns into extra strong fibers. They have even been added to car tires to increase their lifespan. In addition, the company had enough time to test its material during the war years.

Everyone believes that the period of the emergence of this fabric is 1966-1967. This is because modern Cordura is the result of the development of nylon yarns, namely the Nylon 66 series, which was born at that time. Specialists have prepared a new nylon fiber based on the formula of ethyl alcohol and stone resin.

Cordura gradually began to infiltrate the consumer market and soon grabbed a decent share of influence in the production of bags, backpacks and other items for transporting luggage.

In 1977, they began to make Cordura in color, for which they immediately fell in love with it even more. Material from military life began to be actively introduced into civilian life, namely into objects for tourism and sports. In the 1980s, CORDURA Plus introduced a particularly durable 1000 Denier cotton blend version, and a lightweight 500 Denier version for a variety of garments.

By 2000, Cordura was firmly integrated into military and workwear.

In 2004, DuPont sold the textile production and license for the CORDURA brand to another chemical giant, a manufacturer of polymer (nylon) fibers, as well as raw materials for the manufacture of synthetic polymer materials – INVISTA. And he, in turn, is part of another large concern – Koch Industries.

Thus, the development continues. Currently, there are about 16 different types of fabrics, which allows you to roam the characteristics. For motorcycle equipment, the most common types are:

CORDURA® AFT (Air Flow Technology) Fabric are materials that have excellent ventilation while maintaining increased resistance to abrasion and tearing.

CORDURA® Ballistic Fabric – used for the production of backpacks and travel bags, workwear and motorcycle equipment.

Basic material properties

Fabrics developed for the army are accepted by ordinary mortals with a bang, because they are expected to be especially durable. The advantages of the material include:

  • Durability – considered a great fabric for shoes, backpacks and bags, and any area prone to abrasion
  • Tensile strength
  • Decent steam permeability with wind resistance
  • Easy to clean and low maintenance
  • Electrically insulated
  • Little deforms
  • Has a long service life
  • Melts at temperatures above 200 С
  • The edges are not frayed due to the weave structure
  • With specialized impregnation, it is resistant to moisture, but if it gets wet, it dries for a long time

The interweaving of nylon threads allows you to obtain materials with certain properties and a wide range of surface textures, but they also have disadvantages:

  • Cordura is an expensive fabric
  • Due to a certain rigidity, the fabric becomes tanned at sub-zero temperatures
  • Deteriorated by UV rays
  • Due to the hardness of the material, it can make sounds and rustle, some people are annoyed

In what outfit should I look for Cordura?

Equipment manufacturers understand that the presence of Cordura is a bonus to the characteristics of the final model. Therefore, they boldly declare that they used it in one amount or another. Icon does not lag behind other manufacturers and Cordura inserts can be found in the VARIAL, MH1000, Hypersport2 and others.

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