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Crisps, minced meat, disposable, donors

Crunches, minced meat, disposable, donors are a stereotype, because you need to look and compare the statistics of auto and motorcycle accidents, and not be guided by a jumble of gossip and rumors in your head.

In this issue, we’ll cover:

  • Who and how came to the motorcycle
  • Relations with motorists
  • Positive and negative from motorists / pedestrians
  • Riding in the aisle
  • About motobat
  • Types of motorcyclists / motorcycles
  • “every family has its black sheep”
  • In most cases, motorcyclists are to blame for road accidents.
  • Riding an ambulance / special. services
  • High beam and emergency light when driving
  • In the stream – beep / perezovka / blinking distant / emergency gang

If you want to suggest a topic for the next issue, then you can paint / voice it under this post in the comments!

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