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Cross and enduro gear that will come in handy on the road?

When confused about the selection of equipment for off-road riding, you first need to look at your travel goals. The fact is that cross-country equipment is designed for falls on the track, whether it is sand or earth. Thus, the cross gear protects primarily from impacts.

Enduro motorcycle pilots have routes on public roads, and these are slightly different injuries. As we remember, when we fall on the asphalt we will not wait for it – a slippery slope. This means if you travel a lot on asphalt gear should have a discount on abrasion, not just impact protection.

In any case, the set of equipment for cross and enduro consists of:

  • Helmet
  • Glasses
  • Thermal underwear
  • Turtle / knee pads / elbow pads / compression belt / back
  • Outerwear / motorcycle pants / jersey / motorcycle jacket
  • Motobots
  • Gloves

Helmet and goggles

There are specialized helmets for off-road sports. Cross helmets have a visor and jaw protection. This design protects the head from falls, which are undoubtedly harder than in other classes of motorcycle life. The visor covers the face from falling dirt, which, to the surprise of some, manages to fly from the rear wheel of their own motorcycle or in front of a rushing guy. An added bonus is the light shade it creates on a sunny day.

Glasses are required with an elastic band. No matter how high-tech the 21st century may be, nothing better than glasses with an elastic band has been invented, just like a slate pencil in space – without fail. The elastic band on the glasses is elementary to use, and most importantly it saves time, no need to fiddle with fasteners and other ties. Moreover, it is a guarantee that the glasses will fit any helmet.

Goggles can have a film, which, when ripped off during the ride, the pilot receives clean glasses with a new layer of film and does not waste time stopping, removing the glasses and wiping them off the dirt.

Thermal underwear

Trips take place in different weather, which means that when driving in the cold, your underwear will definitely help you get more pleasure from your check-in.

Turtle / knee pads / elbow pads / compression belt / back

Protection worn under the main upper. Yes, we will not tire of reminding you of this.

For crossmen and endurists, knee pads and elbow pads, like air and gasoline, would be better if they were articulated. You can read about the benefits of the hinge here (Why are hinged knee pads and elbow pads good?). Turtles can be too massive for cross races, so sometimes they are replaced with protective backs or compression belts. By the way, protective shorts are not superfluous either, not that it is wildly necessary, but a useful acquisition when you like to jump from trampolines.

Enduro fans with a protection kit have a wide choice. Even if the weight and good suspension on the off-road are more advantageous than the wild power of the engine, the turtle will not affect the enduro like a dozen extra pounds, the question is how dangerous your route is and maybe you can do it like a cross-country athlete – back protection, and not a full-fledged shell , on account of lightening the total weight?

Outerwear / motorcycle pants / jersey / motorcycle jacket

Crossmen choose ready-made sets of trousers and jersey. Firstly, these are specially designed clothes that endure all the bullying that can only be falls, and dirt, and rains with puddles, tons of pitch in the bosom … Secondly, as in any kind of racing sport – the brightness of the equipment matters, such kits attract attention with a wide range of colors, by which you can identify your own among the crowd of riders.

Enduris are more free in their choice. If they are athletes, then most likely they will stop, like crossmen on motorcycle pants and jersey, and if the pilot is just a traveler, then he will calmly choose suitable options for a jacket and trousers for himself in order to calmly move around for his own pleasure.

In any case, clothing designed for off-road motorcycles is the most tenacious, after track overalls. Track models save when equipment is abraded on the asphalt at high speed, but off-road clothing will withstand all weather conditions, and additional stitching and reinforcement of seams will take care of reliability when the pilot endlessly clings to trees, bushes, branches.


For cross and enduro, there are motorboots of their own, they are necessarily high. Don’t even look at short shoes! High motor boots save your legs when twisting, falling, pinching your legs with the weight of the motorcycle, if you do fall (and fall in these sports as often as nowhere else!) In mud and water. At the moment of arrival, getting hit on the legs from branches or sticks sticking out along the track is a trifling matter. If you do not want to get a piece of wood from your ankle, then choose only high motor boots. The ankle hinge will add to your ease of use.

It is believed that a smooth outsole on cross-country shoes is slightly more comfortable than with a clear tread, since it does not interfere with the quick work of the feet when moving from pedal to footboard and vice versa. And on enduro, the powerful sole relief will be a good help in walking.


The choice of gloves for cross and enduro is so great that you can measure them all day long. Make sure the material suits you, the gloves fit snugly. The stitched little and ring fingers in gloves prevent the fingers from twisting, as you instinctively put your hands forward when you fall. The inner seams of gloves can cause slight discomfort, but the outer seams wear out faster. Here, either-or, you decide.

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