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D3O – what else do you need to know about it?

We discussed the principles of D3O’s work, its history and the reasons for the frenzied demand in the previous article (“D3O — myths and reality. Where does such popularity come from?”). We came to the conclusion that this is indeed a world find. Today I would like to logically complete the story about this system until the company presents us with something new and tasty.

I propose to consider:

– Which D3O is currently on the market for motorcyclists?

– How to take care of D3O gear?

What does D3O offer motorcyclists?

The company has made some pretty good headway in its development for motorcyclists, intelligently testing designs on the racetrack, and then releasing the designs to the civilian market. At first it was just a back protector, knee pads and elbow pads, however, over time, D3O has been introduced into a huge number of protection elements.

Where D3O is used:

  • Back protection
  • Knee pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Thigh protection
  • Protective inserts in gloves
  • Protective shoe inserts
  • Insoles
  • Protective inserts in motorbags / bags
  • Rare combinations with thermal underwear protection

Protection types such as back, knee pads, elbow pads are especially popular. They can be found almost everywhere, both separately and already complete with new equipment.

Often, when buying equipment, motorcyclists immediately change their native simple protective inserts for fresh D3O because of their mobility, reliability and convenience.

As for the protection of gloves: by and large, this is a pleasant innovation, for which the author of the idea should be given a separate prize. Motorcyclists’ hands suffer very, very often, as well as legs. When you fall, you reflexively put your hands in front of you, defend yourself, or fight the situation by rolling on the asphalt. Therefore, D3O inside gloves is just an incredibly royal bonus in a critical situation. Agree, which will help you out more when you fall: inserts made of D3O or an additional layer of leather? Honestly?

Protective inserts in gloves can be of different designs, or just brass knuckles, which only save knuckles, or a complete set of protection, which is sewn into gloves in small blocks. All this, of course, will affect the price, but alas, for free in this world you can only lie down on a hospital bed, and even then not always. The cost of such gloves is quite justified!

Manufacturers approached the protection of the legs no less scrupulously. D3O is used in the outsole of motorcycle shoes, as well as around the perimeter, such as in motocross shoes. Inserts can be found in vulnerable spots to protect the ankle. Since the legs need protection no less than the hands, D3O sneakers are more relevant than ever, this solution turned out to be incredibly successful.

D3O is found in insoles for aggressive sports.

Comprehensive protection

Comprehensive protection can be understood as a set of inserts that you supplement yourself, as well as already combined solutions. D3O has partnered with a wide range of advanced equipment manufacturers, among which you can see Icon naturally ready for any experiment. In general, if you look at the list of partners, there are about 18 companies, such as: Rukka, Axo, Triumph, Furygan and others. With each brand, D3O creates its own projects and receives interesting equipment models at the end.

Comprehensive protection includes turtles and vests. Icon has its own development with the participation of D3O – the Stryker Vest series. Who else if not she will protect not just the back, but even the ribs? But let’s not be honest and note that Icon has enough models with D3O inserts to choose according to your heart (another very popular development, of course, is my favorite Icon 1000 series).

Thigh protection – it can also be found among the proposals. It works great in side falls, especially when you are pressed against the asphalt with your own motorcycle.

Regarding thermal underwear with D3O inserts. Yes, if you didn’t know, then this also exists! It has D3O segments on vulnerable parts of the body, allowing the turtle to be replaced under the jacket. However, such a pleasure is about the same as spare parts for Aprilia Explosive Mike, which is why few people attempt to search for such magic buns.

How to care for D3O inserts?

Most motorcyclists simply need to remove the inserts from the pocket and place them on the shelf while washing their gear. But the most meticulous still ask how to care for D3O so as not to spoil it.

The top tips are pretty simple:

  • Store in a natural position. No need to roll, twist, crumple or fold origami from your D3O products. They don’t like forced deformation.
  • They also don’t like excessive pressure. Don’t leave it under heavy weight. Let’s say you put your equipment away for winter storage, which means you store the inserts either separately or on top, and not at the bottom of the box under all things.
  • A ventilated and dry place for storage is recommended.
  • If you want to remove accumulated dirt from the D3O surface, use a damp cloth and then wipe dry.
  • It is better to take D3O out of equipment before washing, rather than wash it with all clothes.
  • D3O is not keen on wide temperature swings.

These are all the simple rules for working with D3O.

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