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Detailed information about Valentino Rossi’s departure from MotoGP

On August 5, after the traditional summer holidays, the MotoGP-2021 season continued, and a special joint press conference of the seven-time MotoGP world champion Valentino Rossi and the MotoGP organization was immediately announced, at which Valya will talk about her future plans. Will Rossi leave or will he continue to race with his VR46 team?

Will Rossi leave?

Rossi was inimitable as always. The press conference was broadcast on the MotoGP website, and once Valentino stepped onto the stage and took his seat, there was not much to wait in the dark. Valentino Rossi announced that he will officially retire from MotoGP at the end of this season.

He first made his statement in English and then in Italian. The English-language statement began with jokes and the usual fooling around that we are used to seeing in Valentino’s interviews. In Italian, Rossi was more serious. It was an incredibly emotional moment both for the famous athlete and for many of his fans around the world. He could hardly hold back his tears, but what a sin to conceal – he was not alone. Here’s what the English-language statement said:

I said that after the summer break I will make a decision about next year, and I decided to end this season. Unfortunately, this will be my last half season as a MotoGP rider. And this is a difficult, very sad moment, it’s hard for me to say this, knowing that next year I will no longer participate in races, because I have been doing this for about thirty years.

My life will change next year. But it was cool, it was a long and wonderful journey, just wonderful. I was in the world championship for 25 or 26 years, and it was great. My guys and I had many unforgettable moments – well, with those who work with me. In general, I have nothing more to say.

Of course, MotoGP has put together a wonderfully compiled collection of the Doctor’s career highlights to be shown during the press conference. From time to time they showed a close-up of Valentino’s face on half the screen as he watched the compilation with everyone – a very emotional sight.

And since it was a press conference, Rossi answered questions from viewers. In particular, he explained in response to one question why he decided not to accept the offer of the VR46 team to participate in the season-22 races. The doctor, according to him, practically went all out – he has reserves for one strong year, and nothing more, and the VR46 team needs talented guys with great potential, for three to four years, so that they can develop together with the team. It was a tactical, transparent and, no doubt, incredibly difficult decision.

Well, this is not an ordinary day for MotoGP fans, and in general for all racing fans around the world. Rossi has been compared by many to other celebrity athletes such as Michael Jordan – as both have gone beyond their sport to become heroes loved around the world.

We all understood that this day will come someday, but that doesn’t make it any easier. We wish the Doctor all the best and look forward to seeing the VR46 team perform next year.

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