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Different wheels and tread on a motorcycle

It happens that a motorcycle pilot is thinking about changing the wheelbase, not just changing motor tires or changing the tread. As for installing a different radius on a motorcycle on their own or replacing rubber with a different tread pattern on only one wheel, then before many people immediately poked into the traffic rules –

It is not allowed to install on one axle of a vehicle tires of different sizes, designs (radial, diagonal, chamber, tubeless), models, with different tread patterns, frost-resistant and non-frost-resistant, new and remanufactured, new and with a deep tread pattern.

However, this part of the SDA has to do with cars, ATVs, and sometimes tricycles. Initially, there are motorcycle models that imply a different radius or tread pattern of the wheel on the front and rear suspension. But not always a different radius or tread pattern makes practical sense. Let’s take a look at the costs of installing different wheels and treads.

Different radius

Since we are considering this issue in general terms, it is not surprising that it is possible to find models where the rear wheel is one unit larger than the front one, for example sports fit, in order to reduce air resistance, such a design can be found. But the cases with a high front wheel are not a fairy tale, remember the tough trump bikers, where the front wheel is tall and narrow, and the rear wheel is wide and squat.

If your motorcycle does not imply a change in the radius of the wheel, then you run the risk of irrevocably upsetting the balance of the entire motorcycle. We are not sorry in the least that you set a different radius, but this trick will work if you change both wheels, not just one. The point is not how high the engine will be, but that you are changing not just a wheel, but the angle of inclination of the WHOLE motorcycle. Is the suspension designed for a change in radius? Will the pendulum reach? Another radius is another chain. Do you need it?

Different protector

About a different tread is said in the SDA, this is not a whim, but prudence. Because with different tread, your motorcycle will have different grip levels and different contact patch sizes. Moreover, wheels with different patterns will react completely differently to the same weather conditions. Yes, they are already each busy with their own business, but manufacturers are always puzzled by the calculation of average indicators for creating a motorcycle that would reduce the functional gap to a minimum, and then you decided to put completely different treads and sleepless nights of some engineer went down the drain for Vaska …

The only tiny option when the difference in treads can do a good job is off-road. Such off-road terrain that you literally delivered motorcycle to the scene of action in a van, rather than driving it on the asphalt, doing miracles of balancing act. Knowing that you need to go through a fierce route along the off-road track, you can put a very evil protector on the rear wheel, since it is he who will tear the track and push you out of the pits, and the front wheel is really easier to put on. But such changes need to be made with a clear understanding of what result you expect. On civilian motorcycles, a different tread is an expensive repair as a result of a stupid fall due to the difference in the contact patch.

There is also the possibility of installing various protectors, for example, a slick on the front and standard city on the back for participation in stunt riding.

Rubber from different manufacturers

A case where motorcyclists are not particularly attached to, if the manufacturer’s difference is not obvious in the tread pattern. You can put tires of different brands only if their characteristics do not contradict each other, but coincide on all points.

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