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Ducati and Lamborghini. Changes in the premium gasoline segment

Ducati and Lamborghini. Changes in the premium gasoline segment

In October, we already reported that the Audi Group, apparently, is preparing to put the Ducati on sale (more details here). At the time, a Volkswagen source who asked to remain anonymous said it was indeed possible and would be discussed at a large meeting in November.

November has arrived and the meeting has just taken place. Apparently, the rumor has ceased to be a rumor and is slowly becoming news: although the real deal is still far away, a merger is planned in the near future, which will make the sale of Ducati (along with another premium Italian brand, Lamborghini) an easier task.

At a presentation to analysts, VW CEO Herbert Diess announced that Ducati, Lamborghini and Italdesign are merging into a single Italian entity. The VW group is working to rationalize its sprawling corporate structure and is largely focused on plans to electrify its key brands.

Ducati and Lamborghini. The requirements of the era

Diss went on to say that brands such as Ducati and Lamborghini “may not meet the requirements of the era of smart connected vehicles”… And he emphasized intonationally: “whether they will be needed in the new world, we do not yet know.”

We, shall we say, have allocated them to a legal entity, within which we will carry out some further actions … This is not a quick process, but it is on our agenda, ”Diss said.

But neither he nor Chief Financial Officer Frank Witter said what solutions were discussed and in what time frame they can be implemented.

Yes, there is no certainty yet, but changes in the premium gasoline segment are just around the corner. Ducati is likely to change owners soon, and only time will tell what this will mean in practice.

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