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Ducati Motor World Sales Continue Failure in 2020

Ducati Motor’s global sales in 2020 continued the series of failures that have plagued the top Italian brand for four consecutive years. In total, 48,000 units of Ducati-branded vehicles were sold worldwide in the past year, a level 9% lower than the previous year.

As such, Ducati has the worst worldwide sales of any premium motorcycle brand. The decline in the position of the legendary Italian brand occurred in all world markets, and even in Italy, sales fell by 25%.

The development of globalization in the past decade has created great development opportunities for premium brands in all segments. The motorcycle industry has seen an increase in the high-income consumer segment, and almost all premium manufacturers have been able to participate in this phenomenon, albeit to varying degrees.

Thus, BMW and KTM have grown, consistently expanding the global coverage of their products, developing dealer networks and, having gained a foothold in a certain market, sought to achieve maximum efficiency there, paying attention to any expansion opportunities – including creating models for the needs of specific markets. Harley Davidson stayed where it was, which has been phased out over the past 10 years, and Triumph has grown to a record 60,000 units per year, hitting the limits in financial capacity and finding low performance in the Southeast Asian market.

Ducati scrambler

In turn, Ducati put a lot of effort into the creation and development of the Scrambler line, and although sales have grown, they have not been able to achieve their desired goals. In fact, in 2016, a record year for Ducati, sales of the rest of the models, excluding the Scrambler, remained at the level of 2000, while the premium motorcycle market grew significantly during this time, and Ducati did not manage to retain its share, losing it to BMW. KTM, Triumph and the Japanese. In subsequent years, global Ducati sales only declined, and, finally, 2020 became the fourth disaster in a row.


Of course, the pandemic is partly to blame, but not only, given that other premium brands managed to get out of the crisis year without losses (KTM, Husqvarna, Triumph), while others lost less than Ducati. For Harley Davidson alone, the year was even more difficult, but their environment is generally challenging – leadership changes, aging target audiences, frequent changes in roadmaps and approaches to new products, and Harley’s main segment, cruisers, is experiencing a recession around the world.

Ducati World Sales 2020

Ducati’s worldwide sales for 2020 were 47,929 units, down 9% from the previous year’s total. At the same time, China showed a positive record, crossing the mark of 4,000 units for the first time, and a decline is observed in other regions. Perhaps the worst results are seen in the home market for Ducati – in Italy and in Europe in general. Against the background of the fact that the European market as a whole survived the crisis without any significant losses, Ducati in the European Community area lost 13.9%, and in the UK, where the market slipped by 2.3%, Ducati showed a 28.2% dip. In Germany, sales rose 6%, but against the backdrop of a 23.2% growth in the local market. France (-13.7%), Spain (-13.7%) also showed negative results, and Italy with -25% and only 6958 units showed half of the record level reached in the distant 2000.

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