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Ducati offers a TV series to learn about the news 2021

In autumn, motorcyclists are busy with pressing problems – replacing consumables, preparing a motorcycle for wintering, equipment needs to be put in order … and meanwhile, motorcycle manufacturers are ready to “roll out” to the audience what they have been working hard on all year!

Anyone who has eagerly caught rumors about the expected bikes for 2021 will be able to satisfy their curiosity. The moment of truth is coming, the manufacturers show their cards!

This year, everything is not according to plan – the pandemic had a bony hand in all areas of business and production. What affected the presentation of new products. This year, instead of one big program from which one could learn about new products, Ducati announced an original format, essentially a mini-series. From each episode on the air it will be possible to learn about the manufacturer’s models for 2021.

As noted on Ducati’s public Instagram account:

“The world premiere of Ducati is approaching us with a completely new format. 5 dates, new episode every week starting November 4th, don’t miss all the exciting Ducati news for 2021. ”

Thus, the dates after which news portals about the motorcycle industry will explode with more details look like this:

Episode # 1: November 4
Episode number 2: November 11
Episode number 3: November 18
Episode number 4: November 25
Episode number 5: December 2

We already know from the same account that the first episode will be dedicated to the Multistrada V4 – the world’s first motorcycle with radar technology! What the rest of the series will be about will become known later, while the manufacturer in every possible way warms up the public’s interest.

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