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Ducati on synthetic fuel

Ducati on synthetic fuel

In January 2019, Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali attended MotoStudent as a guest at the gala. The MotoStudent International Competition is a competition for student teams in which they design, develop and produce a motorcycle prototype. Both the petrol and electric classes participate in the competition, so Domenicali considered it a good opportunity in his speech to highlight Ducati’s efforts to electrify motor vehicles.

The future will be electric, and we are not far from the launch of mass production, – said then Domenicali.

Contrary to this statement (and also despite the growing market for electric bikes, which more and more start-ups are entering, but the demand is only increasing), there is still no rumor or spirit about the electric Ducati. Even though the brand is desperate for new riders (due to the price of its products), Ducati VP Sales Francesco Milicia is not ready to sell electric motorcycles just yet:

Should we expect an electric bike from us? Not yet, – said Milicia. “We believe that for the class of technology we manufacture, electric motorcycles have insufficient range, are too heavy, and cannot deliver the pleasure you expect from Ducati motorcycles.

But we are carefully considering other options for reducing emissions, such as synthetic fuels. Other brands in the Volkswagen group, such as Porsche, are also considering these options, which is what we need in the medium term.

Ducati aficionados and e-bike enthusiasts may be disappointed with this information, but it’s hard to disagree that Ducati is right about modern technology. E-bike makers are still striking a balance between performance, durability, range and price – and the Harley Davidson LiveWire is a prime example of this, which is faced with low demand due to its youthful design, but adult price.

Despite the abrupt change in course, Ducati still does not rule out the possibility of creating an electric platform.

We are thinking and working on an electric motorcycle, added Milicia. “We’re part of a group that is fast moving towards electrifying its products, and this is a great opportunity for Ducati.

We always strive to offer our consumers only the best. The main thing we have worked on the most in the last five years is to improve the quality standards and reliability of our products.

Milicia is right. Ducati really puts the emphasis on quality control and reliability. The only pity is that in these conditions the electric cycle does not have to wait yet.

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