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Ducati, Piaggio, MV Agusta and Energica. Restarting production

Ducati, Piaggio, MV Agusta and Energica. Restarting production

The world froze for more than a month. Quarantine measures and other restrictive measures persist in many countries, but some are gradually planning to resume operations and economic recovery. Italy suffered one of the most severe losses in terms of both cases and deaths, and was one of the first to pass the peak in incidence.

Ducati, Piaggio, MV Agusta and Energica

Back in early March 2020, Italian authorities quarantined the entire country in an attempt to limit the spread of the virus and minimize damage. After about 5 weeks, Italy is slowly starting to come to life. Companies not included in the list “vital”will soon be able to resume work – taking into account security measures, of course. Ducati, Piaggio, MV Agusta and Energica are among those waiting to get started.

Given that the situation in Italy is gradually improving and tough quarantine measures are eased, it is not surprising that motorcycle manufacturers are planning to start production as soon as possible. After an apparently disastrous March in terms of sales, some of the largest brands are only waiting for official permission to start work.

Energica CEO Livia Chevolini and MV Agusta CEO Timur Sardarov confirmed that their companies are ready for a quick launch of production lines, and that measures to protect the health of employees are thought out and ready for implementation. And the leaders of these enterprises see their task in ensuring that their employees can work safely and efficiently. Piaggio is also ready to return to work after signing an agreement with the workers’ union allowing them to return to normal work.

For Ducati, part of the strategic reactivation will fall on dealers through the program. “Ducati Cares” (Ducati cares), which is aimed at returning consumer interest in trading floors. The program, in particular, contains clear instructions for dealers on how employees and visitors to dealerships can be confident in safety.

The official date has not yet been announced, but judging by statements in a number of Italian media, the companies will be able to open on April 27.

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