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Ducati Sales Statistics


Ducati Motor’s global sales slipped 18.2 percent in the first 8 months of 2020. Things are slowly improving during the third quarter, and the expected drop in annual sales will be less than 10%. Separately, it is reported about the rapid growth in sales of the brand’s products in Russia and Ukraine, and some countries of Western Europe, on the contrary, showed a significant drop in sales.

Ducati in 2020

Like all competing colleagues, Ducati is being negatively impacted by the coronavirus crisis in 2020, and in particular, it led to a plant shutdown in April. Compared to other top brands, Ducati has very little presence in Southeast Asia, which could be the source of higher sales figures.

Ducati’s preliminary 8-month sales totaled 33,864 units, showing an 18.2 percent drop in sales. The first quarter showed a drop of 17.7 percent and the second – 27.3 percent. Expected annual sales are 47,500 units, down 9.8 percent from previously announced.

The CIS countries showed steady growth: in Russia and Ukraine, it was the same figure – 45.9 percent. North America showed modest declines, India a whopping 61 percent, Japan 19.8 percent, and Europe fell 18.2 percent. Also, the brand’s products experienced a significant drop in sales in Spain, Great Britain, Italy and Austria.

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