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Ducati Showcases How Cars and Motorcycles Can Communicate at CES

Today, many manufacturers are trying to solve one technological issue: to make cars and motorcycles communicate on the road with each other. As a result, driving any vehicle will become much safer.

Ducati is also involved in this race and offers a development strategy “Safety Road Map 2025”, which assumes new security technologies. The Italian company announced earlier this year that it is developing a communication system for vehicles. This system is being tested on the Multistrada 1200 Enduro motorcycle and several Audi vehicles. Ducati unveiled its new technology to the public for the first time at CES 2019, which opened this Monday.

How cars and motorcycles can communicate

Communication system C-V2X

Ducati is developing the C-V2X communications system with Audi and Qualcomm. A new partner, Ford, has also contributed its expertise in the field “urban mobility”The demo of a communication system from a vehicle to anything at CES will be the latest in a series of demos held around the world.

From a vehicle to anything

The scheme from vehicle to anything means that this technology will allow vehicles to exchange information not only among themselves, but also with different infrastructures. Also, this technology will allow moving cars to identify pedestrians and cyclists. These are the potentially safe scenarios that were demonstrated at CES. Using the new Ducati Multistrada 1200 and several Audi and Ford vehicles equipped with C-V2X technology, the various ways in which road users interact and react to them were demonstrated.

One of the situations involved crossing an intersection that was not equipped with road signs. The system identified each participating vehicle and indicated its intentions.

We have demonstrated cases in which the use of this advanced technology significantly improves the safety of motorcyclists, says Pierluigi Zampieri, Head of Innovation at Ducati Motor Holding. Anupam Malhotra, Director of Vehicles and Information at Audi of America, Inc adds: -The use of C-V2X technology at an intersection demonstrates how useful it will be in the future. In addition to the added safety, the C-V2X is engineered to improve comfort and efficiency, which can also be used in today’s and future autonomous vehicles.

The Ducati C-V2X system is based on safety technologies that the manufacturer already uses and will use on its bikes.including “corner” ABS system. Program “Safety Road Map 2025” also envisions a radar-equipped model by 2020.

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