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Ducati Worldwide Sales Q3 2020

Ducati Motor has worldwide sales of 38,847 units as of September 2020. This figure is 10.9% less than last year’s sales for the same period.

This figure represents a significant increase in sales, as in the first and second quarters, the decline was 17.7% and 27.1%, respectively. If current trends continue, Ducati’s annual sales could be around 49,000 units, down 7.5 percent from last year.

Ducati World Sales 2020

Ducati’s global sales experienced a decline in demand in 2020, and the April plant closure resulted in a significant (27.1%) drop in sales in the second quarter.

However, the third quarter saw significant sales growth, fueled by increased demand in Europe (where about 58% of all Ducati’s sales are located) and a significant increase in demand (by about 40%) in China.

As of September, pre-sales were 38,847 units, down 10.9 percent from the first nine months of last year. However, this is very good news, as sales showed significant growth against the background of the disastrous first half of the year. If the trend continues, sales will reach approximately 49,000 units by the end of the year, down 7.5 percent from last year.

Sales in the CIS countries also showed significant growth: in Russia they grew by 45.9%, and in Ukraine – by 41.9%. North America showed a slight dip, with India falling 61% and Japan 19.8%.

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