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Ducati’s partnership with the University of Bologna

Ducati has long been a steadfast supporter of developing skills and talents in education, but beyond that, the legendary Italian brand has long immortalized its name as a cultural symbol of Italy. Thanks to its contributions to art, science and design, as well as a significant economic contribution to the Italian budget, Ducati undoubtedly occupies an important place in the development of the country.

Ducati with the University of Bologna

Ducati continues to pursue educational activities in terms of both technical skills and business and professional development. All these initiatives are being implemented in collaboration with many Italian educational institutions. In particular, the legendary Italian manufacturer renewed its partnership with the University of Bologna in order to continue cooperation in the development of university students within the curriculum, as well as the creation of specialized courses for graduates and postgraduates.

At the same time, both organizations work together to create and implement new ideas, often implemented in Ducati products. Also Ducati plays an essential role in the university degree in motorcycle engineering, which is part of the MA in Mechanical Engineering. Ducati and the University of Bologna are currently working on a joint additive development project. In particular, the Faculty of Industrial Engineering works closely with Ducati to optimize the performance of the Italian brand’s engines.

Ducati and the University of Bologna are the founders of MUNER, in other words, the University of Motor Valley in Emilia-Romagna. MUNER boasts a rich portfolio of advanced and specialized courses attracting some of the brightest and brightest students from across the region.

In addition, the institution offers students a range of internship options, allowing them to work with Ducati on innovation and new products.

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