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Ducati’s semi-annual global sales statistics 2021

Ducati Motor’s global sales are recovering rapidly in 2021. It is especially pleasant that the level of sales for the first half of 2021 exceeds not only the results of the corresponding period last year (by 43.9 percent), but also shows an increase against the background of the first half of the dock 2019 (by 8.8 percent). In total, 34331 units of motor vehicles were sold in the first half of this year.

Excellent results in 2021

For Ducati, the previous four years were far from rosy, but 2021 is unexpectedly showing great results thanks to strong demand for Ducati motorcycles in North America and Europe. Moreover, the first quarter began rather sluggishly (especially in Europe), but the second showed outstanding results, which led to the fact that the past half-year is called almost the best in the history of Ducati. Sales growth is observed in almost all markets: in the Pacific region, growth was 111%, in North America – 51.8%, in Western Europe – 45.5%, and in Eastern Europe (including Turkey and Israel) – 70.0% … The only market that showed negative dynamics was Latin America (excluding Mexico), where Ducati sales fell by 16.4% (mainly due to lower demand in Argentina, as well as Brazil and Costa Rica) and Southeast Asia (-5%) from – for a serious drop in sales in Thailand (-64%).

Of course, it is too early to make forecasts for the annual results, but if you show restrained optimism and assume that the sales rate will continue, then over 60,000 units will be sold in a year, which is several thousand more than the current Ducati sales record for all time.

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