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E-scooters are the first thing Bajaj and KTM will do in 2022

E-scooters are the first thing Bajaj and KTM will do in 2022

In June 2019, it was announced that KTM, Husqvarna and Bajaj are jointly developing a reliable and versatile EV platform, expected to be produced in 2022. Thanks to the publication of the annual report of the Pierer Mobility Group for 2019, it was possible to find out some details.

Powered two wheeler

As part of a multi-stage development project PTW (Powered two wheeler – two-wheeled vehicle with a powertrain) with low voltage (48 volt) engine, carried out in conjunction with Indian partner Bajaj, a number of products will be offered for the electric scooter segment, which are expected to be released in 2022 under the brands both partners. Products in the 3 and 10 kW power classes will be offered, ”wrote Stefan Pierer in the foreword.

Unfortunately, the expression “product range” can literally mean anything, but “electric scooters” – on the contrary, it is quite obvious thing. It came as no surprise to you and me that the PMG / Bajaj alliance is primarily focused on e-scooters, especially considering a number of leaks about prototypes such as the Bajaj Urbanite.

Bajaj chetakBajaj chetak

An electric version of one of India’s most popular urban vehicles, the Bajaj Chetak, has already been published in early 2020. While KTM and Husqvarna are not, frankly, scooter trendsetters, the opposite is true for Bajaj. And joining forces to work on the demanded electric platform will benefit all the tandem participants – both PMG and Bajaj.

Electric bicycles

It is also worth noting that PMG at the end of 2019 made a deal to acquire Pexco, an e-bike manufacturer. This business is a little out of our focus, but Since PMG / Bajaj have already announced that their joint low-power platform will also include e-bikes, it is clear that the Pexco acquisition will be an important step for PMG. in the general strategy of promoting the electric transport market.

About PGM plans

And let’s not forget that in addition to this PGM, in 2019, the Spanish trial motorcycle manufacturer GasGas took over. Although we do not yet have information about the plans of PGM, it is purely speculative to us that it is clear to us that a considerable range of segments and classes of technology is represented under the wing of the parent company. Not really “The bike can be anything as long as it’s orange.” – but somewhere nearby.

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