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Eco-friendly Bridgestone motorcycle tires

Eco-friendly Bridgestone motorcycle tires

Any motorcycle rider dreams of the perfect tire – durable in straight lines and extra grippy on a slope. One of the best options for making this dream come true is with two-piece tires, but unfortunately, the different wear rates of different formulations lead to the fact that the tire profile takes on a completely undesirable shape. But what if a manufacturer finds a way to make tires more durable and retain grip? Sounds too good, doesn’t it? But Bridgestone says their new Techsyn tires will deliver exactly that quality and be environmentally friendly.

Bridgestone Techsyn Tire Family

In collaboration with synthetic rubber manufacturer Arlanxeo and leading high-dispersion silica (HDS) manufacturer Solvay, Bridgestone has developed the Techsyn family of tires featuring “outstanding virtues without compromise”… The process of their manufacture involves the chemical fusion of synthetic rubber with a special form of silicon dioxide, as a result of which the resulting composition will be 30% more resistant to wear, 6% more resistant to slipping, moreover, without compromising the grip properties on dry and wet surfaces.

Bridgestone said vehicles equipped with Techsyn tires will consume less fuel and therefore reduce CO2 emissions by reducing tire material waste. The Japanese brand made a comparison with its summer tire line, but the unique technical process can be applied to a significantly wider range of products. For example, by making small changes to the Arlanxeo polymer composition and the Solvay silica structure, a tire compound can be obtained with improved wet grip.

At Bridgestone, we believe that cutting-edge innovation and the future of vehicles will inevitably require collaboration, ”said Bridgestone CEO Laurent Dartoux. -The partnership that resulted in Techsyn tires has grown into one of the most original initiatives we have participated in to date.

The Techsyn project has yet to hit the market, but we hope this technology will be incorporated into motorcycle tires. Moreover, Bridgestone said that Enliten technology could also be implemented in these tires, which significantly reduces tire weight, again without compromising their efficiency. These will definitely be the tires of your dreams.

So far, unfortunately, only in theory, but we will look forward to the release of durable, grippy and environmentally friendly tires.

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