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EICMA 2020 officially canceled

EICMA 2020 officially canceled

Recently in an official post, the organizers of the Intermot motorcycle show announced the cancellation of this year’s event, and the world was holding its breath in anticipation of what will happen to EICMA. Finally, the information became known.

EICMA 2020 officially canceled

On June 26, 2020, EICMA 2020 is officially canceled. Deep down, we had no doubt that this would happen, given that BMW and KTM recently announced the withdrawal of their exhibits from the 2020 exhibitions (more details here), but still there was hope. After two major exhibitors withdrew from participation, EICMA organizers initiated negotiations with the rest of the potential participants in an attempt to host the event anyway.

But alas. When you visit the EICMA website, you will see a pop-up message informing you that The 78th EICMA event, scheduled for November 2020 from the third to the eighth, has been postponed to 2021. There is also a short video, which reports exactly the same thing, but in a slightly more sentimental manner.

The next EICMA event will (hopefully) take place from 11 to 14 November 2021 at the Fiera Milano exhibition center in the Italian city of Rho near Milan, with press releases and business talks expected from 9 to 10 November. This decision, albeit sad, is fully justified, given the spread of coronavirus infection in the world. In the name of health and safety, everyone involved in motorcycle shows, whether for work or because of their interest and love for motorcycles, is best to refrain from attending crowded events.

Unlike the organizers of Intermot, in their announcement about the cancellation of the exhibition, they also announced the holding of an online event in 2020 (“there will be an online trade show according to a certain scenario” – more details here), the organizers of EICMA have not announced anything like that yet. Does this mean that at the online Intermot 2020 all announcements from major manufacturers will end? Wait and see.

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