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Electric bikes – the evolution of the motorcycle or a completely different form of transport?

The transition of motorcycles to purely electric concepts is so urgent that it is simply stupid not to notice it. In big cities, here and there, you can already find some models, the owners of which care about the possibility of recharging, their technologically advanced friend. There have even appeared amateurs who build their own models from spare parts ordered from online stores, using information collected from global manufacturers from all sorts of articles ala “magpie on the tail.”

Moreover, a huge number of companies engaged in the development of consumer electronics have infiltrated the ranks of the creators of electric cycles. Not surprising, but quite logical. While the monsters of the motorcycle industry are rebuilding eyepieces in the direction of electric bicycles and figuring out how to make an ingenious system that replaces a conventional gasoline engine as efficient as possible, electronics companies are collecting all the developments, both their own and published results, technical developments from the motorcycle industry, in order to use the experience of other companies with their own personal plans. Until this market has a definite king, the arms race for the coming warm place is already in full swing.

It’s no secret that even a monster, the grail of the motorcycle world, Harley-Davidson itself announced a motorcycle with an electric motor. Yes, this is not a joke. The company has created the Project LiveWire project, which is under development. An entire tour, The Project LiveWire Experience, is planned, which is about interacting with motorcyclists to hear potential buyers and create exactly what they would like to see as an electric bike from the famous Harley-Davidson.

Notable finished models

If we talk about the concerns of the motorcycle industry, which have already prepared to enter the era of electric cycles, then we can note quite interesting projects.

Naturally, Honda distinguished itself with its Riding Assist-e working model. The motorcycle is based on the petrol counterpart NC750. The unique development lies in the fact that the motorcycle can a) self-balance b) move without a pilot, for a short distance, but without a pilot!

The KTM company far-sightedly suggested that electric bikes would not penetrate so quickly to public roads and to the civilian population, because for this you need to have an entire segment capable of supporting direction, but narrowly targeted classes are quite realistic to launch into mass production. So the famous company got a serial enduro – Freeriede E.

The future of the motorcycle world

Whether we like it or not, electric bikes are the future of the motorcycle industry. Moreover, the first MotoE championship will take place in 2019, in other words, the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup will become part of MotoGP next year. Now we will observe the development of the electric cycle industry, the arms race and the struggle of the best minds, so that developments from the racetrack, as it once happened with gasoline motorcycles, slowly take root into the lives of ordinary people.

It is clear that before the electric bikes quietly take their place, there will be many more changes, after all, quoting the well-known meme “you can’t just take and …” and introduce a new type of transport into people’s lives.

Electric bicycles for mass use require a legal basis in order for an already large system to have the category of an electric bike approved as an independent unit on city streets. We need impromptu gas stations where such equipment could refuel. What about technical support? Not all of us are homebrew electricians, some are still wondering why the battery is connected in a certain order, and the concept of “armored conduit” seems to be the terminology of demolitionists, not motorcyclists.

But what about the moral overtones? How do you imagine an evening in the garage or winter self-made maintenance of an electric bike? You took out the battery and that’s it? Changed fuses, checked wires, what else? But what about the hands up to the elbows in oil and working off? How to change the oil seal, and together with it disassemble half of the motorcycle, so that later you can forget which bolt from where and “oh, why do I have so many washers left ??”. What about the legendary stories about a simple replacement of a nonsense gasket, after which you replaced ALL the gaskets that you could only get to, and then you saw that the bearings needed to be changed, and in general, the piston rings, too, completely disassembled the motorcycle before winter in order to sort out your own lovely? What disputes will replace the war between the clans over the structure of the engine: is the in-line better or the V-shaped one, or maybe the opposing one?

The e-bike will require a completely different approach and, over time, will form a culture of its own. Will this be the motorcycle world we are used to?

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